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Posted 4/7/13 , edited 4/7/13
It will be pretty predictable but for me it has to be Mutta!
He's a very unique protagonist, in the sense that one is used to the heroic prototype to take the lead role.
The generic main character of a series usually is someone either brave, ambitious, athletic, knowledgeable, strong or all of these! But Mutta is a regular common nobody, so human anyone can find it easy to relate with!
The fact he has an awkward personality and a grumpy nature makes for hilarious situations every time he is involved in a scene. Yet he is not an idiot or a complete loser, having a doctorate in engineering and is always surprising everyone with the most unexpected and simple answers to most problems.
He can even be inspiring, when he shows his hard work and determination to fulfill his dream with such impossible chances.. even though his human nature already showed that at first he didn't have the faith and quit, he still found the courage in friends that supported him, because we can't do everything just by ourselves! Then when results pay up, the emotions from the incredibility of succeeding are shared with the readers/watchers and is so real!
So real, so human, so easy to relate with, and so funny! That's why I love Mutta!

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