Post Reply Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet only in 720!?
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Posted 4/7/13 , edited 4/7/13
Hey guys,

Can you comment on why we are only getting Gargantia only in 720? Was this something done with the speed of adding the title and getting it out for the simulcast? Were there going to be different masters provided at a later time with a res option of 1080 provided? If so, I can wait to watch the series. With it being on YTV and a Production IG over sight, I figured we wouldn't have a non-BD standard here and though that you guys had done away with a lot of that in the new simulcasts. I was pleased with the overall frame rate with the encode at 720, my variable frame rate meter didn't see it dip below 22 frames often, unlike Devil Survivor 2, where I saw it drop into the teens at times.
If you guys can comment on this at all, I'd appreciate it so that I don't have to try and rewatch when a different res might be available later.

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Posted 4/9/13 , edited 4/9/13

The publisher has only supplied us with up to 720p of this title.
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