Uta no Prince Sama 2
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Posted 4/8/13 , edited 4/13/13
Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 2000%

Episodes: 13
Status: Currently Airing
Aired: Apr 4, 2013 to ?
Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Shoujo, Harem
Duration: 25 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Entering her Master's course, Nanami Haruka is facing an even more difficult time. And she isn't the only one. The main six members of Starish are assigned new seniors to watch over them! But the seniors aren't having the best attitudes about it.

Watch Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 2000% and find yourself completely engaged in a whole new adventure mixed in with comedy and romance!


New Characters

Cecil Aijima (Can be considered new)

Introduces himself as a "prince" from Agna Palace (Agnapolis?); where the people are servants of the goddess of music, Muse.

Reiji Kotobuki

The senpai of Otoya Ittoki and Tokiya Ichinose.

Ranmaru Kurosaki

The senpai of Masato Hijirikawa and Ren Jinguuji.

Ai Mikaze

The senpai of Syo Kurusu and Natsuki Shinomiya.

Original Characters:

Haruka Nanami

Wishing to compose a song for her idol, Hayato, to sing someday, Haruka enrols into Saotome Academy. Prior to her enrolment, Haruka has no experience in reading sheet music despite being able to play the piano. She learned to play the piano from her grandmother, whom she lived with out in the country due to her poor health. She at times feels unconfident in her musical abilities, because she has had no formal training. However, despite her disadvantages she overcomes them with a positive attitude, hard work, and perseverance.

Tokiya Ichinose

A student in S Class, he bears a strong resemblance to Haruka's idol, Hayato. However, he's said to be Hayato's identical twin brother instead, and seems to bear a complex from being in his brother's shadow. He appears to be cold and aloof, as well as being a perfectionist. Also the roommate of Otoya from A Class.

Otoya Ittoki

Haruka's classmate in A Class. He's a friendly and positive person who enjoys singing. He shares a room with Tokiya from Class S. In the anime, he stands up for Haruka when she was barred from taking the entrance exam due to being late.

Masato Hijirikawa

Student of A Class, he's the scion to the Hijirikawa family. He seems to have some form of rivalry going on with Ren, whom he shares a room with. He plays the piano.

Ren Jinguuji

Student in S Class, he is a son of the Jinguji family, making him rivals with Masato, who is also the roommate. He is very flirtatious, and plays the saxophone. In the anime, he, along with Otoya, helps defend Haruka when the officials refused to let her take the entrance exam.

Shou Kurusu

Another student of S Class, he is nicknamed "ochibi-chan" due to his short stature, much to his chagrin. He's very cheerful and energetic, and plays the violin. Roommates with Natsuki.

Natsuki Shinomiya

Another of Haruka's classmate, he plays the viola, though he used to play the violin. He has an extreme fondness for cute things, leading him to take a liking to Haruka.
He has two personalities. Whenever he takes off his glasses he becomes an entirely different person: Satsuki (砂月).
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