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Posted 4/8/13 , edited 4/22/13
Ok so the other moderators and myself have agreed that we need a list of rules after some recent problems we have encountered so here are the rules for Ochiru. Please note if you break them the moderators will politely inform you of this and if you re-offend your character/s will just be deleted, you have been warned.


Character Creation

1. Before creating you character please go to the pages and have a look at what races are available and to which clan they belong to. If you create a race or clan that doesn't exist you'll be asked to change it. Also if your race is able to use magic please check which magic is used here (you can have up to two magiks), again if you make any up you'll be asked to change them. SO IN OTHER WORDS CHECK THE GOD DAMN PAGES!!! YOUR MOD TEAM HAS INVESTED A LOT OF TIME IN CREATING THEM!
2. NO hybrids allowed. It clearly states on the character creation thread that only the children of heroes can be hybrids. This isn't us being awkward or unfair but it's to do with the back story of the heroes.
3. Please be considerate to others when making your character/s. If you have a couple of characters and you see that there is one space left on a restricted race please think to yourself ''does my character really need to be that specific race?''. It's not that we (the mods) are trying to be pains in the bums but it would be nice to kept the last spaces free for people who have just joined so that they have a decent choice of races to select from. If in doubt ask yourself how you would feel if you joined and there were no chances to join a restricted race. We want to make everyone feel welcome and like they have a choice.
4. If your character has a back story that contains some potentially distressing or mature content please for the love of all things beautiful CENSOR it and ABOVE THE CENSOR PUT A WARNING on it as we have people of all ages here who have all got different backgrounds and some may get upset or offended easily.
5. Please DO NOT post in any thread other than character creation until your character has been approved.
6. Once your character has been approved DO NOT make any drastic changes to them without moderator approval. Now we're not a nasty bunch and we are willing to work along side you and are open to ideas but once you're character has been approved they have been approved so changes need to be okayed. However, if it is something simple like a different photo, you do not have to ask permission to change that (as long as it doesn't deviate much from who your character is, ie, don't turn a demon picture into that of a chimera).
7. Please use your character. We have a lot of people creating a character and then never using them which is unfair on other users if that character takes up a restricted race or rank. If you do not use your newly created character within two weeks they will be deleted unless you message a moderator to say you are on hiatus.

Role Playing

1. No RPing until your character/s have been approved (see above)
2. Keep it PG-13 because the general CR mods are cracking down on this. If it goes beyond PG-13 take it to PM.
3. I really don't want to have to spell this one out but I will NO GOD DAMN GOD MODING. In other words no instant deaths, no constant evasion of attacks or spells, no revival, no healing unless this is a magic you can use, no constant one hits (occasionally they may have to be used to end a fight but make sure it is ok with the other person and post that it has been agreed) and no transformations unless your race or character can do this (and it has been approved). If you spot god moding happening report it to a moderator with what thread it happened on, what page it happened on and who did it.

An example of god moding would be having a werewolf being able to transform into their animal form just at a picture or drawing of a full moon. Seriously this isn't how the race works because it is completely ridiculous and over powered. Come on people please for the sanity of Noodle USE YOUR BRAINS

4. No forcing other people's characters into a relationship. If they don't want your character to be in a relationship with theirs then tough, go cry a river, build a bridge and get over it.
5. If you want to join into a pre-existing role play line ask for permission for all those involved as that is common curtesy.

General rules

1. Obey the rules or suffer the consequences.
2. Again keep it PG-13 and use the relevant places mentioned above for none PG-13 stuff.
3. No crying to moderators if things don't go how you planned. This is RP it is like real life if you don't like it then don't RP and go write a book.
4. Be courteous to all members.
5. The most important rule of all is HAVE FUN
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