Inspirational pieces of music and songs
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Posted 4/11/13 , edited 4/11/13
The first set of music I will post is religious. I will save the others for another night as I'm out of time tonight to post a lot more.

The group made many different variations and arrangements of their songs in their studio series of their songs, Never walk alone, and Keep the candle burning links I posted are however, the originals, Waiting in the wings is slightly different than the original.

Point of Grace: You will never walk alone

Point of Grace: Waiting in the Wings

Point of Grace: Keep the Candle burning
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Posted 4/12/13 , edited 4/13/13
A lot of songs by Flyleaf I find inspirational, especially on their Momento Mori and New Horizons albums. Their recent song "New Horizons" is really uplifting. It's hard to pick out a few, but all of their songs are really nice.
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