Can somebody clear a couple of things up for me please?
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Posted 4/11/13 , edited 4/11/13
Short story short my laptop died so I've been forced onto my ps3 for browsing and toons. With all my regular methods of obtaining aforementioned toons dead along with it I thought I'd give this place a go. Problems have since arisen.

1 - Streaming to the ps3 browser, is it possible?
2 - Is there any news on the ps3 app coming to the UK?

After a quick look around (and it was quick, have you ever tried to use this stupid browser?) I'm expecting a big fat nope for both of these but I thought I'd make sure before cancelling the subscription anyway.

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Posted 4/12/13 , edited 4/12/13
Streaming using the ps3 browser is possible. Just don't try streaming 1080 resolution. PS3 browser is extremely limited and loads ridiculously slow. 480 works perfect however.

As far as the app, I have no clue. Sorry.
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Posted 4/12/13 , edited 4/13/13
Like darq said, you can stream through the ps3 browser. Ive done it lots of times. Its just slow thanks to the low memory of the console. If your going to stream this way I suggest making this site your homepage while logged in. This way when you open the browser your already here with no ads loaded. If you browse around a lot before finding something to watch, then clear the cache from the browser settings. Oh and yes, stick to 480 and as long as you have a reasonably good connection, it should stream perfectly fine.
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