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Posted 4/13/13 , edited 4/14/13
Rule 1: Follow All Rules Why wouldn't you anyways. They are the rules after all

Rule 2: Don't RP With Unapproved Characters This speaks for itself. Don't RP if your character has yet to be approved or has been rejected

Rule 3: Be Respectful To Others Try to be at least somewhat respectful to others and don't consistently insult them. It's ok to joke around though.

Rule 4: Charterers Are In One Place At One Time Don't be RPing with the same character with two different people and two different places.

Rule 5: RP With Sense Basically simple and proper RP skills. Spell out your words and be clear with what is being done and said

Rule 6: NO GOD MODDING Do not make your character some godly being that can't be hit by attacks all the time. This is kinda part of the RP with sense Rule. Don't make super powerful characters

Rule 7: Keep It PG-13 This one is common now. Keep in PG-13 if you want to go passed that then go to PM and do whatever you want

Rule 8: Keep Character Number Reasonable Don't make 4 characters when you've just joined. Use all the characters you make actively. I suggest when you first join make 1 or 2. After a couple of weeks you can make another then after a couple more you can go up to any number lower than 10

Rule 9: Have Fun ^_^
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