account reset
Posted 4/16/13 , edited 4/16/13
I need to reset my username and you guys haven't made that easy. So help me please. I can't seem to figure out how to pm a god damn moderator so maybe make that more accessible while your at it..
But my username is wrong wrong wrong and i need to redo my account. Delete the shit out of this one please.
Posted 4/16/13 , edited 4/16/13
You cannot change your username. What you can do, is delete your account. Account deletion can be found at this link:

Also, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, underneath support is community staff, which leads you to a list of all our current forum and site moderators.

Current Moderators

So whenever you need some help, you can choose the appropriate moderator and PM them.
Posted 4/16/13 , edited 4/16/13
Exellent. Thank you for your help.
Sorry i seemed rather patient-less in my last post. It's 100% my idiotic mistake.
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