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Should motorcycles be allowed in the bicycle lane?
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Posted 4/17/13 , edited 4/17/13
A road with a bicycle lane passes through my college's campus. This road can be busy at times, usually from 10 AM to noon. When the road is busy, I often see motorcyclists use the bicycle lane in order to pass the long line of cars. I've seen motorcycles just speed through the bicycle lane. Sometimes, motorcycles pass in the bicycle lane in front of the campus police. The police usually ignore it. They don't give the rider a ticket or anything like that.

First of all, I'm not sure if motorcyclists are even allowed to do that. Is it legal or not?

Well, the motorcycles certainly can fit in the bicycle lane, can they?

What do you guys think? Should motorcycles be able to use the bicycle lane?

Although somewhat off-topic, I've also seen cars and motorcycles use the opposite side of the road to pass.

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Posted 4/21/13 , edited 4/21/13
any motorcycle that uses a Bicycle Lane to pass on the right is Illegal, and I would report to your administrator of the shody work the campus security/police are doing in holding up the traffic laws, It may not be a high priority with them, (Neither is Investigating Rape of Woman on Campus ), it seems.

My advise for YOU, is to keep your pretty head on a swival, make sure your lighted rear reflector is working, and get yourself an airhorn on your bicycle's handlebar.
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Posted 4/21/13 , edited 4/21/13
Is it called Motorcycle Passing Lane? No. It's the Bicycle Lane and it's there for a reason. For bicycles only.
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Posted 4/21/13 , edited 4/21/13
No, just no.

If I had to hazard a guess i'd say the police don't do anything about it because as a rule they don't get involved unless they have to because stopping it means more paperwork for them.
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Posted 10/22/13 , edited 10/22/13
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