Shin Splints Anyone?
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Posted 4/18/13 , edited 4/19/13
Has anyone here gotten shin splints?

I've had severe shin splints for over about a year now.

I developed them in spring training football last year, but I kept taping them and played throughout football season.

They are so annoying.. Without tape, the dull pain increases to the point where I can't even walk.

Shin splints are very common, so I was wondering if there were any more unfortunate athletes on CR.
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Posted 4/20/13 , edited 4/21/13
No thanks.
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Posted 4/27/13 , edited 4/28/13
I've gotten them before when running with shoes that were too big ;o
In your case, do you have shin splints continuously even when you're not exercising?
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Posted 5/5/13 , edited 5/5/13
Yup, I've had them most of my teenage/adult life. I use to play soccer on a daily basis (not as much anymore), and it's crippling! I have very large calf muscles which tend to cause shins plints, but there are exercises you can do to strengthen your anterior leg muscles. Refer to my poorly drawn illustration below:

Lie on your stomach so your feet just hang off the end of your bed. Curl your feet inwards so that your toes are pointing towards the floor (if you feel the discomfort, you're doing it right). Do that 10 minutes a day, every day and you should see improvements. When they're really bad, I use a combination of Bengay, tape and ankle sleeves. It's also crucial to have proper footwear inserts.
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Posted 11/6/13 , edited 11/7/13
Closed due to inactivity. Its been over 6 months and no new posts. Locked.
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