Kuroshitsuji Live Action movie?

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Posted 4/21/13 , edited 4/21/13
Well I hope it's okay I post this thread... if not.. remove me? O:

Anyway, so there's news that Japan will make a Kuroshitsuji live action movie this year, and this just makes me super excited... but also somewhat worried.

The movie will follow the anime, but over 100 years later..... so... demon Ciel?

Anyway here's the wiki article about it

What do you people think?
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Posted 2/6/15 , edited 2/6/15
It was horrible. I hated it for the same reason I hate all of the Marvel movies; too much is changed.

*Entire cast, except Sebastian, are replaced by their descendants.
*Ciel, the most important character in the book, is replaced by a chick who looks like him.
*Set in future Tokyo instead of 19th century Victoria.
*Guy playing Sebastian's not hot enough to play Sebastian.
*None of the Shinigami are in it.
*Looks like it had a pretty low budget.
*Acting is not the best, but not as bad as J-Dramas.
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