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Tera Online

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25 / M / Minnesota, eh
Posted 9/29/13 , edited 9/29/13
1. What is your class? Warrior
2. What race are you? Human
3. What server are you on? Tempest Reach

I just love TERA. Currently wearing Wonderholme gear.
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25 / M / Alberta, Canada
Posted 10/11/13 , edited 10/11/13
I played a bit but had to quit because unless you were healer or zerker there wasn't much point to pvp. Did they ever fix that?
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26 / M / Second Miltia
Posted 11/15/13 , edited 11/15/13
Been in tera over a year and I love it n_n

I have every class but my main's are

60 fem cast sorcerer "The.Dreadnought.Siva"
60 femani lancer "Sludge.City"
60 elin mystic "Chibi.Holo" ( Spice and Wolf ftw)

Currently leveling my slayer which has been fun.

All on tempest reach ( my warrior is on lake of tears though)

Send me a whisper or player mail!

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22 / M / North Carolina, USA
Posted 11/17/13 , edited 11/17/13
I started to play recently again after I quit back when the game first became F2P. I have a Level 11-12 Priest on Lake of Tears, which I would be playing more of if other games didn't take my time and there was someone I could play with, since Priest gets a little boring sometimes on your own.
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25 / M / BC, Canada
Posted 11/17/13 , edited 11/18/13
Amani Bezerker
LvL 60
Ascension Valley

I'm also trying to lvl a slayer and warrior as well.
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27 / M / New York
Posted 11/21/13 , edited 11/23/13
I might start playing this. I am thinking about playing on a pvp server. Can anyone comment on the community for the na pvp servers? Are there bored max level characters 1 hitting new players just to get a laugh out of it? Or is there a system to prevent that kind of things. Or are people decent enough not to do that often? I read something about a pvp quest. If you dont do quest I know you cant pk but can people still pk you?
Scientist Moderator
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28 / M
Posted 12/1/13 , edited 12/2/13
I know I posted a long time ago, but I wanted to update since I still play and have newer haracters.

My level 60's are a mystic (main), a priest, a warrior, and a sorcerer.
They are all high elves except for the warrior which is a castanic
I still play on the Tempest Reach server.

I would recommend this game to people that like action based combat and aren't fond of the "tab target" model where you click a monster and spam attacks.
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Posted 12/4/13 , edited 12/4/13

80+ days of play time. 157 MCHM clears. Killian, EU.

Fun game, although it's pretty boring with how easy it has become recently. You can easily out gear anything and because of this people with WH/VM2 still can't even clear MCHM.
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29 / United States
Posted 4/29/14 , edited 4/29/14
I've come to enjoy Tera it's been a long time since I last played

I was lost for a while as my original guild and players I played with have not been around since 2012. However, En Masse completely removed the lucky egg and a few other drops from the beta and early game so only people who played from back then still have them. It's a big help since those can be sold for a large amount of gold now.

Also this is the new class about to be released on Tera it looks pretty awesome.
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Posted 5/7/14 , edited 5/8/14
60 Amani lancer and 52 Elin sorcerer on Tempest Reach- I can't play other MMO's anymore, since their combat always sucks compared to TERA.
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29 / M / NYC
Posted 5/8/14 , edited 5/9/14
i've actually been meaning to play this game. ive heard many good things about it and WoW (while still having so much to do) just got boring for me after all my friends quit. i do hate starting new mmo's though since they're always boring to me unless i have people to play with. any lowbies or anyone interested in leveling an alt with a scrub?
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28 / M / United States
Posted 5/20/14 , edited 5/20/14
I played the game during its launch window, and had decent fun with it. Unfortunately, the game didn't have enough compelling content at end game to hold my interest for very long, so I quickly dropped it to avoid paying a sub. The game had some seriously nice ideas (such as the political system) and amazing combat but wasn't well-rounded enough for me to continue playing on a continuous basis.
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24 / M / In a Rehabilitati...
Posted 5/21/14 , edited 5/22/14
Lvl 60 Elin Reaper Name: Bissin on Celestial Hill ^.^
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29 / M / Santa Fe
Posted 5/21/14 , edited 5/22/14
All Celestial Hills as I run an RP guild called Blessed Hearts of Velika( )

Eleneril.Nestor - 60 - Priest - High Elf - Guild Master

Safilix.Tempest - 47 - Archer - Castanic

Lucid.Dreamer - 26 - Zerker - Elin

Lunaria.Blood - 60 - Reaper - Elin

Celestia.Zaloris - 5 - Sorc - Castanic

Feel free to add them all or even talk to me about joining our RP guild!
Posted 5/21/14 , edited 5/22/14
I used to play TERA but I kinda stopped mostly because I didn't have anyone to play with, which makes my mmorpg experience enjoyable and not lonely.
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