If you could create a zanpakuto.....(Bleach!)
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As the topic title says....
If you could create a zanpakuto....
What would you name it plus what abilites & bankai would you have?

For Example:
Name: Yami-Mirai....(dark future??? lol?? im not soo good in japanese)
Attribute:: FIRE[email protected]!!....(You dont have to have one lol)
Main Ability: Allow me to see into the immediate future for a while but its mainly in uncontrolled bursts
Secondary Ability: would lay invisible mines or somesort at points where I swing my zanpakuto...Only I would be able to go through them unharmed lol XP
Third Ability:.........(You dont need this many lol)

Bankai Name: Hyakunen Yami-Mirai ( 100 years ...dark future lol???)
Main Ability:: Controlled visions of the immediate future (IMBA! lolXP)
Secondary Ability: The mines become way stronger!
Third Ability: Mines that have already exploded somehow comeback after a minute...and become even stronger!!!!

You can add if you are strong in a certain area....
Such as shunpo, hand to hand, swordsman, kidou???( Sorry i forgot which ones which lol)

1. Try to make it somewhat original....well you dont REALLY have to but....ya know....
2. Try to make it so its like not INBA ( inblanced )....my ones pretty crazy also....but anywho.......
3. If you are really enthusiastic....you could even upload a pic that you drew hahah XP

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guts has mine
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**Invent a Zanpaktou

Sorry, duplicate. Use the forum search feature before posting a new topic please!

Reported ^-^
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