Tomb Raider Reborn
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Posted 4/23/13 , edited 4/23/13
Just finished it yesterday.

I like the gameplay, I like the way the cut scenes mesh with the gameplay...

I actually like the RPG elements, since you get to determine the pace at which Lara picks up new skills and becomes more and more bada** as the game progresses.

Tombs were neat, but I agree with some of the critics who say that they should have held something actually useful to the campaign (a new weapon only available to those who found all the tombs?), rather than just more salvage and a short cut-scene.

I don't like the Quick Time Elements (QTE) where you have to time the button mash to do something. I died many times before I figued out the timing and that's just dumb.

I also think Lara should have had at least one more scene after killing people where she showed some remorse - she comments that it is scary at how easy it was to kill, but that seems rather... simply put... for what she is going through.

All in all, I loved it. The heavy Japanese cultural influence on the game is incredible. It is easy to see Himiko the Sun Queen as a "real world" influence on the Amaterasu myth in Japanese mythology, which made it enjoyable. The graphics are top notch (even on an Xbox 360), the controls are easy to learn.

What'd you think?
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Posted 10/20/13 , edited 10/21/13
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