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Posted 4/24/13 , edited 5/18/13

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Hi HI~~if you came here then that must mean that you want to become a Devil and go against the Angels~~If you join Hell then you must not go to the other side~~unless your position is a spy~~

NEW: (Edited 4/27/13)

If you have chosen to join the fight against the Devils/Demons as an Angel then Welcome to Heaven. The War began several years ago - don't let your fellow demons down and join the battle.

Within the Demon Realm there are Three Spheres (classifications) which show where you stand on the hierarchy of the Demon World.
The First Sphere
The Second Sphere
and The Third Sphere

(*Note* Click on each "Sphere" to see description and positions)
(sorry *Also Please Note* That in each "Sphere" there are "Races" that tell that demon's specific duty and depending on which Sphere you choose you have only a limited number of "Races" to choose from [in other words choose wisely] and then within that are the "Positions" which you can choose and does not matter which "Sphere" you go with.)

Edited Note 5/12/13:

Your HP will also depend on which Sphere you go with (EXAMPLE: First Sphere= 300 HP; Second Sphere = 250; Third Sphere = 200) Keep that in mind

Your HP can be modified if you participate in EVENTS (coming soon), defeating a "boss" (or whatever) will reward you with more HP or more Strength/Attack (that sort of thing
). ALSO PLEASE NOTE! Your Stats Will be Monitored here, MODS (and myself) will monitor how you win your "HP" and such and will ultimately edit it here for you (but you can edit your stats yourself if you please.)

Type of Positions
Dark Mages

HP: [200-or more depending on which "Sphere" you go for]


Appearance (Pic - you can add a description too if you want):(PUT IN SPOILER!)


Weapon (if have any):
Abilities (if have any): [maximum number is 4]
(when you list your abilities - add the attack power for each (which is 10 to start off) -> example:
Water Bomb [10 AP]
Feather Dance [10 AP]

Wings (yes/no):
Demon of Hell
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27 / M / Somewhere with K
Posted 4/24/13 , edited 5/15/13
Name: Marcus
Gender: Male
HP: [250]

Sphere: Second Sphere
Race: Asmodeus
Position: Dark Mage

Age: 19
Appearance (Pic - you can add a description too if you want):

Personality: Very uncaring and badass but he's actually sensitive when it comes to fruits (I don't know thought I'd be funny)

Bio: Marcus was born a loner and will always be a longer, he fights for the demons cause he figured they're the ones to beat

Weapon (if have any): Giant ass sword [10 AP]
Abilities (if have any): none

Wings (yes/no): no

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20 / F / Universe
Posted 4/25/13 , edited 5/15/13

Name: Lexi.

Gender: Female.

HP: [250]

Sphere: Second Sphere.

Race: Merihem.

Position: Spy.

Age: 15.

Personality: She likes to mess with people and can be stubborn.

Bio: Lexi has been trained to fight since she could remember. She became a Spy so she's able to study Angels and inform all Demons/Devils of their weaknesses.

Weapon: Chains [10 AP]
Abilities: She's able to fly
and create Nightmare-like illusions.

Wings: Yes.

Posted 4/27/13 , edited 5/15/13
HP: [250]

Sphere: Second Sphere
Appearance (Pic - you can add a description too if you want):

Personality:stubborn , clumsy , angry , serious

Bio:She loved to shoot bow and arrows when she was a kid in school . she then trained and got better becoming a archer .

Weapon (if have any): Bow and Arrow [10 AP]
Abilities (if have any): Perfect Aim AND Falling Illusion

Wings (yes/no):NO
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21 / F / SAO ( ˘ ³˘)♥
Posted 4/27/13 , edited 5/15/13
HP: [300]

Sphere:First Sphere


Personality: Very stubborn , quiet , scary , and serious .

Bio:She was trained to fight and invent technology and weapons to beat the angels

Weapon :Large Sword [10 AP]
Abilities :Can make swords and technology fast and can disappear into thin air and reappear anywhere she wants .

Wings: No
Demon of Hell
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26 / F / Somewhere
Posted 5/6/13 , edited 5/15/13
Name: Lucy
Gender: Female
HP: [200]

Sphere: Third Sphere
Race: Abaddon:
Position: Dark Mage

Age: 19
Appearance (Pic - you can add a description too if you want):

Personality: Very social and sweet but she is actually bi-polar O_O

Bio: Lucy was born from an estranged demon family, she wanted to be happy but ended up in the midst of this war - she hopes that by defeating the angels she could live a normal life but in reality she wants to be friends with the angels...

Weapon (if have any): None
Abilities (if have any): Magic Circles [10 AP]

Wings (yes/no): yes ^^

Posted 5/7/13 , edited 5/15/13

Name: Jay
Gender: Male
HP: [300]

Sphere: 1st
Race: Beelzebub
Position: Spy

Age: 18
Personality: Usually calm and seems a lot more like an angel than a demon. His true nature is being 'best' at being his 'worst'. Very charismatic. Very smart and strategic. Don't let his pretty face deceive you.

Bio: Jay was born and raised in the 1st sphere of demons, he was one of the Beelzebub and was thoroughly raised to influence people, in any way possible. At the age of 10, he was interested in the enemy of the Demons, the Angels. He spent most of his days studying, researching and training. [lazy biography x.x]

Weapon: Throwing Knives [10 AP]
Abilities: Gravitation - Controls gravity of objects around him. The living excluded (except him). Tends to use gravity to accelerate his throwing knives.
Heartcage - Imprisons the soul of humans/angels that he has 'captivated', they become some kind of mindless zombies that work for him. //npcs only-lol

Wings: Yes - Usually hidden.

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Posted 5/19/13 , edited 5/19/13
Name: Shay
Gender: F
HP: [200]

Sphere: 3rd
Race: Mammon
Position: Guardian

Age: 21

Personality:Poker face, emotionless, softens up to money

Bio: Born in the lowest depths of hell, and was raised in a not-so-great environment. Where everyday she had to work to survive. Everywhere was filled with hatred, crime, and greed. In this place she learned that money is power, so she spent her days earning money by whatever means.

Weapon: Blood Sword
Reinforced Body - Enhances/Strengthens her defense/power at one concentrated part of her body.
Cold Blood - Able to freeze blood into weapons and use it [10 AP]
Sacrificial Rites - Enhances Strength, Speed, and other abilities, but has to give up HP (depends on how much HP you give up)
Wings (yes/no): no
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27 / M / In that special p...
Posted 5/24/13 , edited 5/24/13
Name: Celeste
Gender: Female
HP: [300]

Sphere: First
Race: Pythius
Position: Oracle

Age: Appears 18

Average height and slender, Celeste has long, white blonde hair which reaches her waist. She keeps a hood veiling her eyes, as they shine with Holy light. Living among demons, this unsettles them, so she does her best to accommodate them. Unfortunately, her pure white wings (six of them) and the pure white clothing she chooses to wear don't help.

Personality: Celeste is very sweet and caring, though she does have a harder side to her. She loves to laugh, and dance, and plays the harp very well. She is also skilled with a longsword.

Bio: A Seraphim before the war began, her lover drove her to join the forces that would become Demons, convincing her their cause was just. Unfortunately, her lover died early into the battle, leaving her alone among demons, fighting for a cause that was not her own.
Angered by the death, Celeste remained with the demons. This whole time, she remained pure, not losing her Holy powers or her positive attitude. How long this can remain so, though, with the war reaching new intensities, remains to be seen.

Weapon (if have any):
Drakyll - To replace her Heavenly blade when she descended into Hell, a special blade was forged for Celeste. Carved from the bone of a Fell-dragon and imbued with Hellfire, the long, black blade will burn on command. AP [5] / [10] While burning.

Abilities (if have any):
Healing Touch: Heals wounds with Holy Power. Unfortunately, the majority of demons cannot stand this touch, as it burns instead of heals them. Against Demons - AP [10]

Oracle's Sight: As an Oracle, Celeste has the ability to see past, present and future. This requires intense preparation and concentration, which can be cut down with an item belonging to the person she wishes to 'See', or with physical contact with a person.

Celestial Barrier: A sphere of pure light surrounds Celeste and a small area around her. DP [10] and completely nullifies Light based attacks.

Heaven's Song: With a pure voice, Celeste sings a powerful Hymn. Her voice calms all who hear, soothing the need to fight, sometimes entrancing them into a hypnotic state.
Her voice can also be used to boost morale among allies, or direct entranced enemies to attack each other.

Wings (yes/no): Yes, six.
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