Naruto Shipudden Movie 6 - Road to Ninja
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Posted 4/25/13 , edited 4/25/13

I am a huge fan of the stuff that is up on crunchyroll, and support the anime industry as best as I can. However, One are I always seem to have to go outside of my support for is the Movies.

With that being said, I am looking for some info on where I can find the Newest Naruto Movie Road to Ninja. I don't want some off audio BS or something with Korean Voice overs. I WANT THE REAL DEAL....Kishimoto actually produced this one, and I am not going to sully my first viewing of it with some subpar syncing of subtitles or improper actors.

I realize this has only been out on DVD for a few days, and with it being a movie, can understand it taking longer...but I do think this shouldn't be that hard to find already.

Much Love.....Dattebayo! (fyi I miss that sub team!)

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Posted 5/2/13 , edited 5/3/13
The only one I've seen subbed in english is the Korean dub so far
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There is a bay where pirates like to hang out. Go there and look for a guy named Hatsuyuki....
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Closed due to inactivity. Its been over 6 months and no new posts. Locked.
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