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Remove weeaboo comments, not real ones.
Posted 4/26/13 , edited 4/26/13
Your name's in my Death Note now.


Bashing comments like you said isn't likely to hurt anyone's feelings. And if it does, then they're overly sensitive and shouldn't be on the internet anyway.
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Posted 4/26/13 , edited 4/26/13

haikinka wrote:

I'm going to use my geass to make you SHUT UP

Go ahead and try, being a coralian, I'm not affected as YOU humans are. LOL. But seriously, would someone define just what a " weaboo" is?

I've heard of Otaku, but wee or weaboo??

Oh and to the one who started this thread, If I were your parent I'd wash out your mouth with soap, you foul mouthed, child.
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Posted 4/26/13 , edited 4/26/13
Where did the word come from anyway? jeez
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Posted 4/26/13 , edited 4/26/13
You're hating on people because they enjoy anime in a slightly different way from you.
Some just watch it and enjoy it.
Some enjoy chatting about it.
Some enjoy cosplaying.
Etc etc etc.
Let people enjoy it in their own way without hating on everyone.
There is no reason to become that upset over something so small. None at all.
Posted 4/26/13 , edited 4/26/13

UpcomingDread wrote:

Don't worry I speak Weeaboo!

Chan Chan, desu Chan Neko Neko
Desu-Desu, Haruhi Suzumiya!
Panty and Stocking, uh, Lucky Star! Yaoi!

omg. I lol'd.

Naw, but seriously, we were all weabos at one point or another!
Why discourage someone from loving anime/Japanese culture?
Instead of bashing them, we as more mature fans should give them advice.
Like, politely correct their Japanese mistakes or whatnot.
Not be jerks.
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Posted 4/26/13 , edited 4/26/13
What exactly were you expecting? It's kind of like if I went to a pro-wrestling forum, and started flaming everyone for taking wrestling too seriously. Just being a troll. Live and let live.
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Posted 4/26/13 , edited 4/26/13
The Byakugan comment makes more sense if you saw the spin off, where Negi was using Byakugan for anything and everything that would have made no sense in the context of the main show. The comment was a harmless joke about someone up-rating a show before it played. Your comment however, was likely an offensive flame and against forum/site rules. Also, just because you don't like someones joke doesn't mean you should be an ass.
Posted 4/26/13 , edited 4/26/13
I suggest avoiding mirrors from now on.
Posted 4/26/13 , edited 4/26/13

lol someone reported OP, that's a good idea. Report every post you can't stand
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Posted 4/26/13 , edited 4/26/13

Kyouma wrote:

So I bash weeaboo's on here because they are retarded and a bad name to those of us who just like anime. So everytime i see one of their retarded ass posts I bash them and hopefully make them cry because they need to realize they are detrimental to society. But instead of their cancerous giving posts which are entirely 100% pure stupidity, my posts trying to fix the problem are removed instead. So Crunchyroll supports stupid ignorant twats who only get positive reinforcement and aren't actually told they are stupid retarded twats,. But is against people trying to educate these people, make them realize they are being stupid retarded twats, and hopefully try and get them to fix themselves, or get help for their illness.

For example:

This was actually a post on Naruto Shipuuden Episode 310:

"How could 4 people give this episode 5 stars before it was released?? Now come on, don't be so selfish: How did you get your hand on a baykugan?"

There are so many things wrong with this. First off if they are going to go full retard weeaboo SPELL BYAKUGAN CORRECTLY. SEcondly WHY ARE YOU GOING FULL WEEABOO RETARD?? Like first off this post is so stupid it gave me aids, like people even just jokingly pretending this crap is real is just fucking stupid. Secondly the byakugan has no power to see into the future. Like this post which was seen by a mod, should have been immediately removed because of how retarded and degrading it is to anime fans.

So I reply telling the guy he's a dipshit in order to help rehabilitate him back to a normal state of mind where he isnt spouting random weeaboo crap all over the place, and my comment gets removed?? Wth crunchyroll. America is already rank 27 in the world in education, and its because when these stupid fucks do something wrong, they arent disciplined, they get told "Well you tried, so you get an A for effort." NO THE BLOODY FUCK DID IT WRONG. Same concept here. MAke stupid weeaboo post, get told its okay to do so.

Let this injustice cease! Bring forth the new era of tough love and retarded weeaboo rehabilitation.

I swear i'm not drunk.

maybe a little.

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