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Posted 4/26/13 , edited 4/26/13
Hey, Bankshot here, I'll go first!
When I first watched this Anime last year I was like, "Ok, this is interesting, I wonder if they really make dating sims like that in real life." Turn's out they do, they just don't sell them in the United States for some reason. If anyone has played one of these games and wants to share what it is like, I'm sure many of us here would like to know, I know I would.

The "Pocket Girlfriend" phenomenon as a "App" for iPhone or iPad or Android is an new thing that has come out because of the availability of these wide screen pocket computers...because that is what they are, calling someone is just another App that is on the device! So I don't know if the Dating Sims have been out first or are a result of the App on these phones. The social aspect of this I'm sure have some Psychologist worried and Japan as a whole since the low birth count among their population. It is definitely a Social experiment on a Nationwide scale...and will be studied for years to come.

But all of that aside, It got me hooked, and I had never laughed so hard at some of this stuff, and I could not tear my eyes away...SO yeah, I'm very glad they are doing another season, Season III and there is enough material in the Manga to have even more episodes...(fingers crossed).

So, we (zeno48 and Bankshot) will continue to update this site, and even start a countdown as soon as we know more!

Enjoy the Group page, share your thoughts, and pictures and camp out.
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Posted 4/26/13 , edited 4/27/13
Thank you Bankshot. Your humor is always welcomed here even though sometimes i facepalm lol. I owe you but as for this page and why i got into the anime. Well truth be told a friend told me about it. I didn't think much at first, but when i saw a couple of episodes i was hooked. I love keima's character and Elsie too. I thought they probably made the best pair and i'm rooting for them to end up together. I was really surprised about it because i don't find a lot of anime that grab me right away. The music, characters, and voices are good.

I can recall the first scene where Nakaido tells Keima to pay attention and he tells her to wait until he can reach a saving point. My jaw dropped and at that point i said that this was going to be good. Yeah, it's not without it's flaws but it's a solid peace of work and surprisingly it doesn't stray away from the manga. An otaku forced to conquer girls for the sake of his life might sound unappealing but they do a good job on keeping you interested. I hope we get more information on where they are planning on starting out because i know that if they continue where they last left off than we are only going to get more girls that he has to capture.

The goddess arc is where it gets good so while i do want them to animate that i don't want them to skip over the next batch of girls. We will see and as for dating sims, i don't think i would be really that interested in those types of games. I do like how this is probably the first anime i've seen that has a lot of information involving those games, but i know the author played a lot of these types of games which influenced his work.

Anyways this page was created for fans to enjoy and talk about anything related to this show. Bankshot pushed me to get this done and i can't thank him enough for his help and support. Either way i'm glad they will continue with this and thank you everyone for watching it here and making this possible. If you have any questions let me know and i hope you appreciate the soundtrack i gathered for this page.

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