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To me, everything is impossible. Even so, I just wanted to see you smile. And that's the most impossible thing..


I stared at you. I knew the moment my eyes fell on you, it's love at first sight. Cliché, but it's true! I swore, my heart can't beat any faster like when it is, the moment I first saw you or when I blush beet red like a tomato everytime I could feel your gaze accidentally landed on me. I said accidentally because no one want to stare at a nerd with pink hair especially you. Besides, I'm a nobody. I'm just like a wind.. Just passing by..

The moment you transferred here, you are gladly known as the ' icy prince'. You're a boy a girl could ever want. Tall, handsome, mysterious, rich.. And yet, I'm the opposite of you. I'm short, a freak, timid, poor.. I'm in no match with you. I could never ever be with you. Because of your appearance, you are popular among girls and adored by boys at school. Even so, I'm not in love with you just because you're good looking. I know that you are kind and generous . The time when you save a little kid from drowning proves it. Your actions made me realize that you are indeed a perfect boy, making me drawn towards you. I wished I could be like those girls whom shamelessly flirts you, but not like how they flirts you. Even I felt disgusted when they shoved their breast at your face or when they screamed practically beside your ear. I just want to flirt with you without any physical contact. But sadly, I could only hope.

I'm not a brave girl. I'm a coward, shy and timid girl who loves books and doesn't have a single friend. I'm just a nobody. I wished I could be a girl that could make you happy or the girl that will hold you, telling that everything is going to be alright. I wished I could be the girl to cheer you on when you're playing your favorite sports and wished that I could be the girl that receive your smiles.. I wished I could be your girl. But I know, dreaming couldn't get me anywhere. There are other beautiful girls out there; willingly to gave themselves to you, and yet you ignored them. You always glared at them and I know, having girls yelling and screaming at you are irritating. Trust me, I know how it feels. So, if you don't except a gorgeous girl to be by your side, why would you except an ugly pink haired freak. It made me realize that I can't never be with you, ever.Sometimes I thought you were gay cause you never and I mean ever showed any interest towards the girls.

You were in all my class and I doubt that you even notice me sitting beside you in math class or when I draw the 'SxS forever and ever' in my small notepad. I doubt you even know I existed. I mean why would you take interest in a nerd like me? You never once payed attention when the teacher was talking. You will always stared blankly outside the window. I sometimes wondered, what is happening inside your mind right now? I always prayed, that maybe miracle could happen, resulting you to fall in love with me but then again, I'm happy with the way it is even if you'll never notice that a freak like me even existed. At least I could spend my sophomore year sitting beside the one I love. Besides, you falling in love with the lowest girl in the popularity chain? That will never happen. You'll probably end up with Ami or Karin. Both of them are the prettiest girls to ever existed but sadly, both of them are loud and clingy and annoying. I think you preferred a quiet type of girl.

I always saw you sighing nowadays. I wonder if something had happen? You look even more tired as days passes. You don't even greet your best friend; Uzumaki-san like usual. I can see shadows under your eyes. I asked myself, do you get enough sleep? Are you tired? Are you okay? What happen to you? I wanted to ask you those but I don't want to end up like a stalker or your fangirls. Even if I love you that much, I will never act like one of your fangirls, ever. But, the more I see you, the more worried I became. Days turned to weeks and your attitude becomes colder and colder. I was worried like hell! I wanted to hug you and tell you to keep on living your life, no matter how fucked up your life is because there is someone that still cares for you. That's when a crazy idea popped in my head. Since I'm a shy and timid girl, I couldn't bring myself to tell you that so, instead of a face to face situation, I can used letters to tell you what I think of you and that you know that at least there is someone that cares for you deeply.

By the end of the math class, I had finished writing a simple letter for you.

Sasuke, you are not alone. I will always be there for you, no matter what.

But I froze. I sounded like a stalker and a lovesick girl! What will you do when you received this letter? Will you ignored it like the other love letters you received from your undeniably creepy fangirls? Or will you just ripped it off? What will you do if you know that I was the one whom write it? Will you hate me or ignored me just because of my little letter. So, I decided to just scratch the idea off. I don't want to risk myself from being hated by you. I crumpled the letter into a small ball and waited till the class end and waited until all the students went out. I was aiming for the dust bin when someone 'accidentally'pushed me off balance. The letter flew towards our math teacher's head, making him turned around with a hard and cold stare. I prayed that he didn't know that the paper belongs to me. What if he reads it? His narrowed eyes made me nervous as he picked up the letter. Then, he opened up the letter and read it silently, still with his cold expression. By that time, I was sweating heavily and I prayed and prayed that he won't notice of my handwriting.

" Uchiha-san, I believe this is yours." His stern voice echoed though the classroom as students stopped from rushing out of the door, the moment they heard your name slid off his mouth. I closed my eyes tightly as you frowned and walked towards him, snatching the letter from the teacher's hand. Your eyes skimmed over the letter and widened. When that happened, your eyes, your beautiful onyx eyes scanned in the big classroom. With that, I slowly walked out of the door, keeping my face in an expressionless facade although my heart is hammering inside my ribcage.

That next day wasn't like what I had expected. I thought rumors spread about you and the note but when I reached the school, it's peaceful; like always. I observe you in the class, you looked fresh, no shadows under your eyes. I was glad that your problems had faded; i think since i assume that you had gotten enough sleep. Though I couldn't watch you that much since girls would flock at your table. So I waited and waited till math class, the time where I could observed you and that you weren't crowded by girls because they are allergic to numbers and that I'm the only girl in the class. When I went to my sit, I saw you smiling, which was rare and that you were holding on what seemed like the letter I wrote yesterday. Did you love the letter? My heart fluttered at that thought. I saw you mouthing the words I wrote while smiling and that's when I decided that it was worth it, after all.

You tried to keep the letters I wrote for you a secret from your friends. But to no avail, with the letter in your hands 24/7, they'll surely notice. Everytime I passed you and your friends, I would see you smiling while holding the letter while your friends tried to get out little much of information. They all looked happy except for your annoying and clingy friend. She would glare at the letter as if it had ruined her life. I wasn't planning on writing more letters for you since it's not important anymore as you are back to your normal self. But that changes when I over heard you talking and hoping desperately to find the girl that send you the letter. " I hope she sends me another. I can't stop thinking about her. " Were your exact words. I can't believe my ears! You- Uchiha Sasuke wants another later from a nerd like me?I can't be more happy than that!

It has been my routine to slipped my letters a little twice a week; under your desk, in your bag, in your locker and heck, even in your school shoes when you're at the field playing football! I love your reaction when you read my letter though I could only see it from afar. It's like you're a different person when you unconsciously smile while reading my letters! It made my heart warms. A smile on your face followed by mine. When you didn't receive any of my letters on a daily basis, you would turned to your normal old self; moody and cold. And you would kept on muttering bitterly at your friends, " I wonder if she forgot me."

How could I forgot you? You are my world, my life, my everything.

Soon after, rumors starts to spread around the entire school about the letters. Students are playing guesses where as the girls are desperately trying to gain your attention by writing one themselves. I was worried that you might have forgotten about me and get mistaken by their letters. But, before I knew it, they are easily caught since they don't know the true contain of the letters. Even so, I was about to give up on writing to you again since there are a lot of beautiful girls, volunteering to write you a letter but when I heard you mumbling in the corridors, it fired up my system. " Stupid girls. I don't want to receive their stupid letters, I just want hers."

Deep down inside, no matter how arrogant it is to say but I'm sure that day by day, you are starting to fall for the person behind those letters. But, I'm good in keeping away your suspicions on me, not like you really do have. There were times when I wanted to show my true identity but I was afraid that you will hate me because of my looks. Everyone hates me and it won't be too shocking if you also hate me after you discovered that the one whom writes those letters was a nerd. To add it all up, the nerd haspink hair! I'm just a simple boring pink haired freak that will never ever be with someone like you. I was afraid that you won't read the letters I wrote anymore and won't smile the rare smile. So, being the coward I always was, I hid behind my letters, waiting for the time when you will discovered my true identity though I wished that it won't have to happen. I'm happy with just the way it is.

But then, rumors spread like wild fire that the one whom sends the letters was one of your best friend or to be exact; the one that will always glared at my letters. She was a beautiful girl with long mid length black hair and sparkling purple eyes. She has a body like a model! She's perfect. She eagerly welcomed the rumor; after all, you are the most gorgeous boy in school or probably in the entire world. I felt my heart being squeezed as you start to believe that she had wrote the letter. No one would blame you as you start falling for her, wrongly assuming that she was the 'mystery girl'. And it was my fault for being too much of a coward to not tell you that i was the one whom wrote it. But it's too late now, even if I revealed my identity, no one will believe me. Who would believe a nobody over a somebody?

Years past and I always saw you in the outside world with her of course. I was heartbroken. Even so, seeing you happy is enough to make me happy. You deserved happiness, right?

Then I heard it, the most heartbreaking word. You were with your friends, telling some good news to them which I accidentally overheard. " I'm going to get marry with Reika!" your words rang in my head. I can't believe this.. I couldn't take it anymore! I ran towards my home, and cried till morning. I just can't handle my broken heart anymore. No matter how happy you are with your soon to be wife, I can't help but continue to love you. I cried and cried.. Than I decided that I just... stop. I just don't care anymore. I need, no must move on because I know, no matter how many years I love you I will never be able to be with you.

You invited all our ex-classmates and even me to your wedding. I was deciding to whether or not go to your wedding. In the end, I went to your wedding with only one thing in mind, to give you the last letter. I sneak inside your changing room and placed my last letter on your dresser table.

Dearest Sasuke,

I'm sorry for lying at you. Remember when I said, I'll always be there for you? I'm sorry but I can't just stand here watching you find your happiness. I want my happiness too. You don't need me anymore. You already have Reika-san to be with. I hope you will prayed for my happiness.


Your Mystery Girl

Fond gestures were exchange, and the organ starts to play a song that sounds like a death march. And I am hiding in the curtains, it seems like I was uninvited my your lovely bride to be. She floats down the aisle like a pageant queen and I knew she was happy. But when I saw you, I was were wearing an unreadable expressions. Then, I guess you had read the letter I gave you.

" Do you, Reika Takiyama accept Sasuke Uchiha as your husband?" The priest asked as all eyes went onto your soon to be wife. She was smiling smugly while fluttering her eyelashes towards you. You ignored it as I sighed sadly. This is it.

" Totally."

" Do you, Sasuke Uchiha accept Reika Takiyama as your wife?" Right now, my eyes stuck onto you. Of course you will say yes. After all, you had learn to love her. Then, you turned around, facing me.. staring at me before breaking our gaze. I was shocked at first but I convinced myself that I was just an accident.


" Sasuke-kun?! Just say yes already!" Reika shrieked angrilly as she glared at you. You didn't flinch.

" No."

I gaped as I heard gasps from peoples. Why would you say no? Why didn't you accept your happiness! I need to get out of here. I was mixed with various emotions, confusion, worried-ness, happiness and guilty. I thought that it was my fault that you said no. I was guilty as charged and I need to get out of here. I ran away, reaching for the big doors as I could feel all eyes on me.

I wished you will run after me towards my home. I wished you will hugged me, telling me that I'm stupid and that you forgive me for lying at you. I wished you will kissed me in front of my house where my parents will witnessed it. I wished you will say those three words.

But there's not need to wish as it all happen right before I went out.
Should I continue?? O.O
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Posted 9/7/13 , edited 9/7/13
Daaaang, that's good, you should continue just a bit more, but in the starting, I was confused when you said "my cheeks turned beet red like a tomato." was it either beet color or tomato color, some parts were a bit confusing, but over all I think this is really good, and that you should continue, maybe he does follow you but you ran to quick, maybe he confesses his love to you, idk make a twist, but its your writing so do what you'd like, loved it.
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