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So I noticed how people keep asking me over and over on how to setup "" embed playlist on your profile since it changed. Well it isn't as complicated as everyone think here is how you do it.

Go to and go into your playlist that you want to add and copy the number on the url after playlist there should be 10 to 11 or 12 numbers as shown below

After that open your calculator and divide the number you got by 256 and you should get a result copy the numbers before the dot only as shown below.

Now copy this code here and change the ######## with the result you got from your calculator

<param name="flashvars" value="config=;mywidth=470&amp;myheight=375&amp;playlist_url=;t=1360187006386&amp;wid=os">
<embed src="" />

Now place your code after you added the numbers on your Embed music on Crunchyroll and tada you got your playlist on your page hehe

If you have any questions or anything else you're more than welcome to message me ^_^
Posted 4/28/13 , edited 4/28/13
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Ink-e is correct. Please look for duplicates when posting. Thank you for the guide though.

Also, please see the site rules so that none of your future threads will suffer the same fate here:
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