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Posted 4/28/13 , edited 4/28/13
Hi im from the Maratimes and i have some freinds tho not as much who are into anime and funny yo say i got an idea watching oreimo about looking for other people who are interested in anime maybe even close.I hear that there was an anime convention in moncton last year i wondered if anyone from Ontario Quebec or new Brunswick goto anime convention or do you like to cos-play.Its something im interested in too tho i dont know anione much who does its rare.There is no obligation or having to meet just chating about resent animes or some you enjoyed asian show movies ext.

Also im learning Japanese&German wonder if anyone else was doing the same or is interested because i could help I find its easier with other people who share that type of interest.I'm basically interested in all kinds of genders of anime as long as its good fan service or too much echiness I don't personal like as much.hope to be able to chat even if it someone from another place im still open to it.I dont judge or put down others taste in anime if i dislike il only mention it.Hope to meat some people give out ideas of events anime or another thing you can check my profile and see my main interest ja mata ne :3
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