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Idols in Dramas
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Posted 2/4/14 , edited 2/4/14

deathnote121 wrote:

I think SM Idols aren't very good at acting to be fair. The best idol actor is TOP.

Hahahah that was quite straight forward lol
BUT TBH I love Top myself...
his latest movie 'commitment' was amazing,, he's improved a lot....

Posted 2/23/14 , edited 2/24/14
Some Idols can and some Idols just fucking shouldn't lmao.

Lee Joon is amazing, TOP of course <3

Jessica from SNSD shouldn't, Tae Min shouldn't only cause it's weird at times.
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Posted 7/29/14 , edited 7/29/14
Kim hyun joong! HIs acting varies from each show hes in. Also kim bum from shows like boys over flowers, padam padam, and the winter wind that blows. They are both very good at playing diffrient charcters insted of only playing one type of charcter. They are both very well known actors in korea quite popular.
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Posted 7/31/14 , edited 7/31/14
Aww dramas kawaii
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Posted 8/1/14 , edited 8/1/14
I literally watch anything with Matsumoto Jun in it
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Posted 8/24/14 , edited 8/24/14
I honestly don't understand all the hate that idol actors get. There are good and bad idol actors just as there are good and bad (regular) actors. I personally will watch a drama with an idol actor in it and have watched a drama specifically for that reason.

My personal favorite is Donghae because he doesn't play the same type of characters over and over like certain idol actors do (I won't mention who ). Every role is different from the next and he does it well. I will always look forward to his dramas!
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Posted 11/25/14 , edited 11/25/14
For me Lee Joon from MBLAQ;
right now he is in Mr. Baek drama;

I honestly don't care that Idols are acting. Do whatever they want.

My Lovely Girl...Infinite Power and L's character...I don't know mannnn....all his previous roles weren't bad boys were they? Everything was funny.
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Posted 12/22/15 , edited 12/23/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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