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Posted 1/22/18 , edited 1/22/18

SecretKeeper1 wrote:

See but some of the anime isn't censored such as Highschool DxD which bares all for everyone to see. I think that CR should at least have consistency (Of course not taking away the uncensored animes but the opposite for the censored).

High School DxD was acquired as a library title, not as a simulcast. Funimation had already acquired and released the home video version well before they provided it to CR.

Of all titles I know of that CR acquired as library title, I know of only one where they were provided with the censored broadcast version rather than the uncensored home video version. That exception is the first To Love Ru Darkness series, a fact I mentioned earlier in this topic. I still don't know why that one is the odd one out. Perhaps CR got it directly from TBS but they couldn't give CR the home video version because Sentai holds the rights to it here, or perhaps they got it from Sentai and given the state of the relationship with CR at the time, that was all they were willing to license (especially since at that time, they didn't even stream an uncensored version on The Anime Network website).

There are some titles that came over from Funimation that aren't the home video version, but those are ones where CR already had existing videos due to having a license in regions outside the US. I expect they didn't change out the video since they technically don't have rights to the final video in those existing regions, and didn't want to bother with the logistics of providing two different versions for different territories.
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