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Student Enrollment

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Posted 4/30/13 , edited 6/14/13
▲Student Requirements▲

*Birth Place
*Human, Vampire, Other (Must be of human nature)
*Abilities (2)
*Weapons (Optional)

~No over the top abilities, no cheap/over the top weapons, no nudity/perverted intentions in the picture or character description, and 2 characters only.~
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Name: Kuro Yomi
Age: 14
Birth Place: Japan
Gender: Female
Youkai type: Shinigami
Description: Kuro's character is sweet, lovable,innocent ,good-hearted and good-intentioned. She keeps her past a secret.She grew up alone with no memory of her childhood.
Abilities: Kuro can utilize red rose petals and transform them into sharp knife-like objects to strike her opponent at far range.

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Quinn Error

Tessa Frazier

*Name - Tessa Frazier
*Age - 18
*Birth Place - Hysteria Woods
*Gender - Female
* Succubus
*Description - She's a sweet girl but she is manipulative get close to her at your own cost. c;
*Abilities - Seduce you in your dreams, sway peoples emotions or just change their emotions in general.
*Weapons - Daggers~ If needed.
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Name: Naas Felren

Birth Place: Heaven

Gender: Male

Fallen Angel

Description: Once a high ranking angel, Naas began to question the gods and rules he followed with no mind of his own. Growing fearful of his logic and questioning, the gods banished him from Heaven. Half light and half dark, Naas wanders the Earth stripped of his immortality. Very observant, Naas tends to watch the events of Earth unfold and rarely acts and is quite and mysterious. Nuetral in all aspects, only fights when provoked to extreme measures.

Abilities: Can control dark tendrils that look like gaara's sand, but it is made of dark matter, mostly for defense. He uses beams of light to attack.


Sange and Yasha, the swords of Heaven and hell.

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*Name: Kira Miketsukami
*Age: 16
*Birth Place: Japan
*Gender: Female
*Human, Vampire, Other: Human with demon descendant (nine-tailed fox)
*Description: She was raised in a temple when she was smaller then she decided to go to the outside world and ran away then she found the academy. Been there ever since
*Abilities (2): Shapeshifting (can turn into any living thing BUT CANT COPY POWERS), use fire at will.
*Weapons (Optional): Katana and a gun

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Name: Novasis Seijuro
Age: 17 (On paper, but really immortal)
Birth Place: Winter Park, Gargantia
Gender: Male
Race: Unknown (Seems human)


Has no memory of when or where he was born. Blacked out and woke up on earth confused. Went to a normal school and blended in pretty well, but annoyed because he had to hide his powers, so he later vanished. A few years passed and he heard of a place called Lavidia where a man created a school for the super natural, Wyvern Academy. He is looking to put his power to the test for the better of society. He may come off a bit cocky, arrogant, and mischievous, but he is kind at heart and wouldn't hurt anyone or anything that doesn't cause problems.

Abilities (2) *Superhuman Advancement (Enhanced strength, speed, etc.)* *Manipulation of static electricity*

Weapon [Sword of Kusanagi] (The same sword Sasuke Uchiha uses)
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*Name: Natsume
*Age: 16
*Birth Place: Unknown.
*race:Wolf Demon
*Description: He is the leader of the wolf pack. Son of queen Leah and King ruka. He leads a pack of wolves. He doesn't believe in using weapons but has two katanas in his belt incase.
*Abilities (2) Super speed. With a one struck from his claws the opponent is down in an instant.
*Weapons (Optional) Katanas

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Posted 5/7/13 , edited 5/8/13


Age: ????

Birth Place: ????

Gender: Male


Description: The only details that are available on this evil entity is what is heard in ghost stories and urban legends.

Abilities: The ability to warp time/space to disappear into a different dimension when severely injured/threatened. With this ability, can also pull various weapons/protections from locations around the world to aid in battle. According to legends, however, the time/space ability is limited to only three uses per battle.

Weapons: Any and all

Posted 5/8/13 , edited 5/10/13


*Name - Erste Wolfe
*Age - 16
*Birth Place - Unknown
*Gender - Female
*Description - She is really, really sweet. She blushes a lot for no reason and giggles and all that girly stuff but she can get pretty serious. When she's in her kitsune form she gets all serious and what not and she's ready to work, so watch out.
*Abilities - Is exceptional with hand-to-hand combat and she can create illusions to distract her opponant while she's doing somehting like...I don't know, attcking them. c;
*Weapons - None
*Picture -

Her Human Form...Completely Different

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Posted 5/8/13 , edited 5/8/13


This was real close to not being approved, but I think it's pretty creative and can add well with the story line so nice job bro.
Posted 5/8/13 , edited 5/8/13

Appreciate it, man (Hope it's okay I reply in here to the post too). I tried to not make him completely invincible by limiting his usage of time/space to three times. Plus I swear my character won't be using the ability to escape every battle or anything lol.
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Birth place:



A not-so-average high school student. Lance's abilities were given to him through emotion. It all started when he witnessed his drunk step-dad beating his mom. Through his anger and sorrow, his abilities crushed his house killing both his parents. He was sent to an asylum. Years later, a strange figure in a suit handed him an invitation to go to Wyvern Academy. Because of his traumatizing childhood, Lance is emotionally-unstable and should never be angered. If he were to ever be blinded with anger, he would not be able to tell the difference between friend or foe.

Abilities (2):
Gravity Shift - Lance is able to change the gravity of an area he chooses, the area can range from 5m in diameter to 5 miles. When angered enough, the range can be almost limitless. He can make the area extremely heavy, where a living thing won't be able to move a millimeter, or he can make the area extremely light, as if the area is in zero gravity.

Almighty Push - A powerful shockwave sent from Lance's body that sends everything flying outwards. (Similar to Pain's ability from Naruto)



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Posted 5/11/13 , edited 5/12/13


Name :: Reiko
Age :: Appears to be in her late teens
Race:: Half human/Half Demon
Birth Place :: Some place somewhere?( Sorry couldnt think of one ^^; )
Gender :: ♀
Description ::
Growing up, she had always known she was different. Despite her exotic feature's and abnormally heightened condition, she was a demon. A half demon to be exact. Because of this she and her mother,a human, had always been shunned. When ever there were problems in her home town she was always the one to blame. As a child she was very self conscious because of this but as she grew older and more accustomed to it her whole mentality changed. She had fully excepted who she was and honestly gave zero fucks about what other people had to say about her which trained her to be quite stoic. When her mother had died she had nowhere to go since her father was pretty much a non-factor in her life. Coincidentally, at that time she was invited to Wyvern Academy in which she soon accepted, curious to find others that were like her.
♦ Manipulates Violet Flames
♦ Expert Combatant- Has mastered a few forms of martial arts and is a skilled swordsman.
Weapons :: Katana
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▲Student Requirements▲

*Name. Josh
*Age 19
*Birth Place. off the coast of Hawaii
*Gender male
*Human, Vampire, Other (Must be of human nature) human

*Description When he went on trip with family to study the supernatural nature of the Samoan's ( residents of Hawaii) josh went on walking path that was sacred to peoples ancestors but their was no harm to him, it was more claim and cool wind breeze as if he was welcomed their as one of their own. as he kept walking he found a hidden temple, it was used to summon gods and sprits of earth. when he went on in the temple he could see that people still came here for blessings of a good harvest of food or better their health of the sick and weak, but a bigger message caught his eye because it sounded like someone just wrote it on the wall when he wasn't looking. it said " welcome back water rider." as soon as josh finished reading it water filled the room and seeping into his body but josh wasnt in pain it felt natural to him like he done it before. soon he went back to village were he learned his parents left their to better his life and protect him from their work. so now josh went on a journey to learn more about himself and to better his abilities.

*Abilities (2) water control and ki control ( being able to control the follow of energy within one self and using it as power)

*Weapons none

~No over the top abilities, no cheap/over the top weapons, no nudity/perverted intentions in the picture or character description, and remember only 1 character for now~

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