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Marriage in Anime
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Posted 6/15/13 , edited 6/15/13
Sora000 i will be doing that here shortly. Zensunni raises a good point that could directly relate back to my topic. This may be a stretch but could relate back. If you take the hentai away and start making manga and animes based more toward marriage you may be surprised at how the target audience changes their viewpoint. If they start seeing this concept as more accepted rather then being made fun of it could turn the male population around. I do also understand Japanese culture but there are anime being targeted at the prime time crowd as well. To me the society should embrace this more, not from an Otaku standpoint but as an art form as well. I mean a lot the story lines (especially in shows like "attack on titan" and others is more adult oriented rather than kid friendly. I think using the ideas of marriage can help the marketing and society as well. But, thats just my opinion on the matter. Plus, publishers must realize that a good chunk of their market is now being sold in the US, China, and other major markets. Start targeting those as well with these new ideas and watch profits soar.
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