Your spotify playlist?
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Posted 5/2/13 , edited 5/2/13
*Moved this from general over here, because logic struck me >D*

I was just sitting here and looking for some new music, and thought what if i can listen to other peoples playlist's. And i know you can do that within apps, but I want to see what your playlists include.

So if you don't know how to share a playlist its quite easy:

1) Make a playlist :P

2) Right click the playlist in the left-corner

3) choose copy HTTP link

4) And then you of course have to post it here XD

So here are my playlists, deleted a lot of my playlists a while ago since I didn't listen to them often:

1) This playlist includes a lot of different music: Rock, Rap, Rap-Rock, Metal and a lot of other genres :D

Give it a listen :P

2) Is a playlist with few songs, it's basically just cover songs, but I trie to include interesting covers that change the rhythm or the tone of the song.

Now im looking forward to hearing what you have :DDD
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Posted 5/2/13 , edited 5/2/13
Dup so lockin and closin!
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