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Arata: The Legend

Genres: fantasy, action, adventure

Simulcast on Mondays 2:00pm EDT (ON CR)


The stage is the world of Amawakuni, where mankind coexists with the many gods. There, a boy called Arata is wrapped up in a coup d'état led by the Twelve Shinsho, wielders of swords called Hayagami. When he is accused of murdering a princess, Arata escapes to a forest, where he finds himself transported to the modern world.


Arata Hinohara

He is a shy, quiet high school freshman from present day Japan. He is athletic, and used to run track in middle school. After being betrayed by his friend Suguru, Hinohara is sucked into another world, Amawakuni, where he poses as the Arata from Amawakuni, who has been framed for the princess' murder. Soon after his entrance into the new world, he discovers that he is a sho, one chosen to wield a Hayagami, a god in the form of a sword. He promises the princess to help restore her power and embarks on a quest to save the princess. He eventually falls in love with Kotoha.


Arata, from Amawakuni, is outgoing, full of energy, and becomes bored quickly. At birth, his grandmother, Makari, claimed that he was a girl but still raised him as boy. He is part of the Hime clan, which provides the princesses to maintain balance in the world. With no other girls to succeed the current princess, Arata poses as a girl to become the princess' successor. At the succession ceremony, he witnesses the princess' assassination and is quickly framed for murder. He runs into Kando forest, where he switches places with Arata Hinohara from present-day Japan.


Kotoha is Arata’s childhood friend, even though her family the Uneme clan has served the Hime clan for years. Like almost everyone else in Awamakuni, she thinks that Hinohara is the Arata from the Hime clan and that he lost his memories after being "eaten" by the Kando Forest. She has the healing powers that all women of Uneme clan have. She accompanies Hinohara on his quest.

Princess Kikuri

Kikuri is the current princess of Amawakuni and has been in that position for 60 years. She governs Amawakuni and leads the Twelve Shinsho. At Arata's succession ceremony, the Twelve Shinsho, led by Kannagi, betray her and attempt to assassinate her. She clings to life with the last of her power, the Amatsuriki. She communicates with Hinohara and asks him to bring his Hayagami to her, in a last attempt to bring order to and prevent chaos in the world.


One of the Twelve Shinsho, he wields the Hayagami Homura, the god of fire. He incites the coup d'etat against the princess so that the Shinsho can use their Hayagami without limitations and also frames Arata for the murder. At first, he leads the manhunt for Arata but later decides to accompany Arata on his quest.
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its good i love the opening, genesis aria by sphere!
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