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The Tailed Beast Temple is a temple located on the Island Turtle behind the Falls of Truth with many structures, headless Bodhisattva-like sculptures and murals depicting the Eight-Tails and the Two-Tails on a giant wall. Inside the temple there are two chambers where the jinchūriki attempts to gain control over their tailed beast. The entrance to the first chamber where a jinchūriki attempts to control one's tailed beast has a sculpture of the Two-Tails' head with a switch inside its mouth, only accessible by entering head first. The chamber is designed to hold a tailed beast, in case the jinchūriki failed to master control and allow the beast to be reborn, and lock it up until a new jinchūriki comes forth. The second chamber is known as the Chakra Isolation Chamber, and is located behind the statue of the Eight-Tails' head.
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