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What's up with these achievements?

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Posted 5/4/13 , edited 5/5/13

x3tripleace3x wrote:

Hmm, well, oh well, I guess there's just no good reason for it then I suppose. Thanks for answering my questions!

Yeap these guys did answer your questions which is cool! Just so you know this type of question is better off being asked in the help/support feedback forum. The CR staff is a lot more likely to find it there and get a response to you. In this case it worked out though!

All that said since you have gotten the answers you are looking for I am going to go ahead and lock and close this thread. Thanks for using the CR forums and giving feedback on the sites achievement system. I will make sure the CR staff hear about it so they can consider your feelings on it as I know they are always looking out for ways to make the site better!
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