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Posted 5/8/13 , edited 5/8/13



3.Background:he is the 3 general of the Demon king and he fought against Emi back at Ente Isla their world



6.Powers/Abilities:Can use energy and send blasts towards others as projectiles etc. Is durable



9.World (character is from):Underworld



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23 / In My Own Little...
Posted 5/11/13 , edited 5/11/13
1.Name: Kylar

2.Age: 10

3.Background: Shes a neko from Darkus, she was orphaned at a very young age. She has a scar on her right foot from her parents. She went to this planet hopefully to be an apprentice and to be helpful

4.Personality: Energetic

5.Gender: Female

6.Powers/Abilities: Energy Blasts

7.Other: None

8.Weakness: Her ears

9.World (character is from): Darkus

10.Partner/Group: None

11.Organization: Hero

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30 / M / Holy Terra
Posted 5/11/13 , edited 6/15/13
1.Name:Amelia Ravenwing


3.Background:she is one of the 6 generals of the demon king rank #2



6.Powers/Abilities:swordsmanship,very agile,necromancy



9.World (character is from):earth


11.Organization:The Bringers of Destruction

Posted 5/16/13 , edited 5/17/13

Will add more characters later
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19 / F
Posted 5/25/13 , edited 5/25/13
1.Name: Miku Mimi

2.Age: 15

3.Background: SECRET except that she is the head maid of the Zarnlex cafe

4.Personality: sweet, shy sometimes cold, mean when your get her mad, silly, funny, crazy at times, great friend.

5.Gender: FEMALE

6.Powers/Abilities: she has two powers
1.Split personality-Allows her to transform into two different personalities
2.She's an expert with weapons

7.Other:She has a ancient sword that allows her to gain super strength enough to crush a high level demon


9.World (character is from):Zarnlex

10.Partner/Group:None for now



Her personalities
the on the left is:Ari Right:Hatsune

Ari: nice sweet and shy POWER:Expert with any weapon,super agility, extremely flexible Hatsune: mean,hot and straight-forward POWER: Super strength, extreme;y durable, extremely flexible

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24 / M / Oregon
Posted 5/27/13 , edited 5/28/13
1.Name: Raziel

2.Age: 18 ( Doesn't Age )

3.Background: Once an Angel, but due to crime against his lord was sent to Earth to learn the error of his ways.

4.Personality: Emotionless, or at least at the surface. Shows his true feeling through his actions.

5.Gender: Male

6.Powers/Abilities: Limited Time Control, can slow down time by small amounts within a few inches of his body. ( only practical uses are dodging and deflecting enemy attacks at the last second ). He also has accelerated healing, but he's not invincible.

7.Other: Has magical wings that appear and dissapear as he needs them, however being a fallen angel. His wings do not allow him to fly, only uses are slowing his decent and giving him a speed boost.

8.Weakness: Same weaknesses as a human.

9.World (character is from): Earth, 2022.

10.Partner/Group: A 16 year old girl, whom upon his first day on Earth he saved from a group of demons diguised as humans. But due to him murdering them violently she is slightly afraid of him, but having no where else to go she sticks to his side.

11.Organization: None.

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22 / F / Waiting For U
Posted 5/29/13 , edited 5/29/13


3.Background:She was in a fire when she was little and has a scar on her back from that day she has been afraid to go near fire .Her dad taught her how to hold a gun at 10 so she is trained to kill with out showing mercy to anyone.






9.World (character is from):Zarnlex


11.Organization:Owns a weapon shop

Posted 6/2/13 , edited 6/2/13
1.Name: Scarlet Lockwood

2.Age: 80 years old in Fairy timeline but looks like a teenager

3.Background: Born and raised in Lockwood Acres in Fairy Land, Scarlet is one of the last descendants of her legacy to still live on and take care of gardens in her vicinity. All she cares about is mending neglected gardens and bringing life to them. Scarlet has a cookbooks for light potions, dark potions, and herbal remedies but she keeps the dark potions cookbook locked up in a secret place in her garden shop. Her garden shop has the ability to travel from one place to another. It takes a lot of energy to make dark potions so Scarlet tries to avoid them at all cost plus making them for her buyers comes with a life/death price and she usually does not like death. She enjoys creating homemade herbs and potions to help others find what they need, mostly travelers. In exchange of her powerful healing herbs and potions, she asks for a valuable item from the buyer. At times she will travel away from her homeland and take care of other gardens that call for her help via birds. She is old aged, walks slow, but is happy that she loves doing what she loves.

4.Personality: Kind, gentle, caring, loving, everything good, fair. Loves flowers, gardens, and animals.

5.Gender: Female

6.Powers/Abilities: Defense shield, grow gardens, healing, talking to birds.

7.Other: Create light and dark potions, herbal remedies, and gives away sample recipes. Talks to animals especially birds who are her news/message carriers.

8.Weakness: Hot and dry climates, windy and freezing weathers.

9.World (character is from): Fairy Land

10.Partner/Group: Lockwood descendant

11.Organization: Lockwood Foundation


Posted 6/2/13 , edited 6/3/13
Name: Katorinu Melefore

Nickname: Kitty

AGE : 18

BACKROUND: A daughter of a average family and was cursed by the black angel and has taken their daughter "Kitty" and had changed her a half human and half cat.

PERSONALITY: Very Sweet and romantic, dangerous at times, lazy and always happy.


POWERS/ABILITIES: Can summon mythical or real cats like Chimeras, lions, panthers ETC.

OTHER: Loves Kittens and cats and listens to music everyday

Weakness: dogs

WORLD: The underworld



Posted 6/3/13 , edited 6/3/13


Create characters here for story only these characters are only used for evil.

1.Name: Natsuki Shinomiya

2.Age: 18

3.Background: In the human world he is an idol and in the demon world he wants to rule the demons

4.Personality: human form : happy , talktive demon form : gloomly , sad

5.Gender: Male

6.Powers/Abilities: gives people nightmares , sings creepy songs to kill peopleif they listen to it .

7.Other: When he is in his human form he is happy and bright and loves Piyo-chan --->

8.Weakness: Light

9.World (character is from): Demonic World


11.Organization: N/A

12.Appearance:human form

Demon Form :
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20 / ☄Space ☄
Posted 6/9/13 , edited 6/10/13
Name : Tsubuki
Age: 14
Background : parents and all family members are yokai or demons.
Personality : Loves sweets and is pervy and is a really good fighter. But when and if you get on her neves she flips out.
Powers/Abilities: Can turn into a purplish white yokai with a sword/slah blade and a demon with a cute but scary outfit she has a sword lik maka from soul eater when she changes to demon form.
World: A world of demons and yokai battling and some siding together 2 defet this horrible yokaidemon
Partner: Patty and Soul
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21 / F / in wonderland
Posted 6/15/13 , edited 6/18/13
Name: Melisa
Age: 18
Background: came from a horrible world of demons and the princess of the demons and will take over then whole world and put the people into slavery She has a sister Named Melina Who is coming up to earth
Powers/Abilities: fire and copying otheres moves and abilities
World: Hell
: Partner: none
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31 / M / California
Posted 6/15/13 , edited 6/15/13
1.Name: Kazuya Shibuya

2.Age: 19 (2 years after the start of SPR)

3.Background: Unknown. Much of it has been shrouded in secrecy.

4.Personality: Cold and often critical toward people.

5.Gender: Male

6.Powers/Abilities: Questionable. When his raw energy gets drawn out, he can lose energy enough to place him into comatose state.

7.Other: 6 Months prior to his last birthday, he was stricken ill with a fever. He was bed ridden until about a month before his birthday, the only moment he thought he might leave the SPR. It was later that he was found to have been bitten during his sleep inside a tent while investigating a haunting at a small village, claiming the sightings of werewolves. He has been closed up about it since.

8.Weakness: Anything that can often kill a human/silver burns him, crosses he has distaste for, garlic overwhelms his sense of smell.

9.World (character is from): A world only dreamed of in mythology. "His" world walks the night.

10.Partner/Group: A group of SPR researchers, they work with him on numerous cases that have been successful 100%.

11.Organization: SPR - Shibuya Psychic Research


Posted 6/18/13 , edited 6/18/13
1.Name: Nightmare

2.Age: Existed since ancient times as Soul Edge

3.Background:Nightmare appears once again in Soulcalibur IV. By this time, Nightmare's entire body had been twisted by the power of Soul Edge completely and utterly.
As the storyline of this game begins, Nightmare and Siegfried found each other once more at the Lost Cathedral. Soul Edge was freed from the Soul Embrace because of the secret art performed by Zasalamel. Nightmare took the evil sword as Siegfried became the new wielder of Soul Calibur. Then the two fought, the clashing of their swords gradually destroyed the cathedral, ripping both Nightmare and Siegfried apart only to be repaired by their swords after falling into a warp created by their duel.

4.Personality: He is cruel unmerciful to people, he devoured people's souls for fun and plans to take over the worlds filled with darkness. Nightmares was his alter-ego. He wields the mighty and cursed Soul Edge sword. The blade beckons for souls and Nightmare obliges it by slaughtering and hunting down any and everyone one. The blade wanted more and more souls. Eventually Nightmare was defeated by Kilik and Xianghua. Siegfried returned to normal and went about his life in shame of what his evil self had done. Over time however, the Soul Edge corrupted him once again and Nightmare returned to lay waste to most of Europe.

5.Gender: Male

6.Powers/Abilities: Grim Roundhouse, Death Smash, Triple Grounder / Slash Cross, Shadow Breaker Combo, Ether Splitter, able to regenerate himself when he is wounded. Also uses his massive blade with brute strength killing off enemies with dark demonic powers.


8.Weakness: Unknown

9.World (character is from): Siegfried/ Europe

10.Partner/Group: The Bringers of Destruction

11.Organization:The Bringers of Destruction

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20 / F / The Park~
Posted 6/18/13 , edited 6/18/13


3.Background:She is the demon princess she is the second most powerful demon she praises her lord she came to earth to destroy and take over she will go after every human and summon all her scariest demon and make destruction for the planet

4.Personality:Scary, Mean ,Selfish , Powerful


6.Powers/Abilities: Sucks Blood Knowing some ones past , Fire ,Summoning demons , Sucking souls


8.Weakness:Her Lord

9.World (character is from):Hell


11.Organization:Destruction Comittee
12.Appearance:Calm Demon Form: Mad Form: Human Form:
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