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Posted 6/23/13 , edited 6/24/13
1.Name: EspadaFive302

2.Age: 17

3.Background: He is a new spartan who is now is with spartan team Majestic that is a replacement with rookie after his fellow ally death in action. He is going to avenge his comrade death and kill Omega and take his skull as a trophy. That's his goal

4.Personality: Friendly to his friends and to his fellow comrades and cares for his troopers and loyal and trustful friend. He sometimes a regicide or should I say goes rogue to take down the enemy.

5.Gender: Male

6.Powers/Abilities: Super strength, Blend with the environment, Great at combat skills, Duel Wielding knives pro, flash step known as teleport,


8.Weakness: none he has nothing holding him back.

9.World (character is from): Earth/US.

10.Partner/Group: ODST-Orbital Drop Shock Troopers

11.Organization: UNSC Spartan team Majestic

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Posted 6/29/13 , edited 6/30/13
NAME: Yuwaku MIzore

AGE: 18

BACKGROUND: The daughter of the former ruler of the dark angelz ancient race. Killer of many souls including her own parents and was then cast away from the holy heavens. Treasurer of many things impure to mortal morals and resigns in her own kingdom of the heavens.

PERSONALITY: Not quite good nor evil and won't let anything she wants stand in her way. A seductive/ temptress with a spoiled princess attitude. As well as a smooth talker. Looks down upon others with a very cool aora.

GENDER: Female

POWERS/ ABILITIES: Flight, seduction, manipulation of thoughts

OTHER: hobbies consist of watching her people slave away and being waited on

WORLD: Heavens

PARTNER/ GROUP: Army of manipulated and enslaved warriors


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