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Heres The How It Goes!!

Number 1: As ive stated in the description NO gods, immortals, invincibles, or people who just cant die.

Number 2: You post a picture of your character, and put their stats up aswel. It can be from any game or anime so long as he's not anything from number 1.

Number 3: In each face off, we will all vote on the character we think is stronger. And the loser gets kick out of the tournament.

Number 4: Once all players are set, we will decide the line up, start.

So join in i thought we could just have some fun with it.

Heres my character: Gennosuke Kouga!!

Heres his stats:

Dojutsu: Gennosuke's bloodline contains an inherited power called Dojutsu which he learned to control from his teacher and uncle Hyouma. A hypnosis technique, Dojutsu reverses the homicidal intent of anyone who meets the stare of its user directly. In other words; if someone expresses hostility toward him, Gennosuke is able to will his enemies into killing themselves instead of him. Unlike his uncle's Dojutsu Gennosuke's is not permanently enabled and can be triggered at will. When activated, Gennosuke's corneas turn crimson red and his pupils shine a brilliant gold color.

Heightened Senses: Due to his training with Hyouma, Gennosuke learned to rely on his other senses in the event his eyes should become disabled. As a result, despite being temporarily blinded with the same Seven Days of Darkness Potion Oboro used, Gennosuke was able to function without being dependant on others for support.

Swordmanship: Aside from his Dojutsu technique Gennosuke is extremely skilled with the sword and was able to match and even defeat Tenzen Yakushiji despite still being blinded and Tenzen having two centuries of experience over him.

Despite winning the battle for his clan, he ended up killing himself with his beloved Oboro how touching.

Anyway lets see hows up next.
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