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Masashi Kishimoto's "Mario" What'd you think?
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Posted 6/5/13 , edited 6/5/13
I liked it. I am curious about the original longer version he had drafted though. The interview in WSJ made me want to see that.

ETA: Realized just after posting that WSJ is the common acronynm for Wall Street Journal. Of course I meant Weekly Shonen Jump. I don't read enough about manga to know how most people abbreviate that though. (I mean the US electronic version; not the original Japanese Shonen Jump).
Posted 6/29/13 , edited 6/30/13
I liked it. I believe the constraint of making it a one-shot forced kishimoto-san to squeak as much quality out of the limited time as possible. It could have been way different if given more room.
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Posted 6/30/13 , edited 6/30/13
Mario was not too bad. Wrote about it a while back at:

I think the story went too fast at some parts, but overall, an interesting look at what if Kishimoto decided to do seinen manga.
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Posted 10/12/14 , edited 10/12/14
Meh, I'm kind of up on the fence.
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Posted 12/24/15 , edited 12/25/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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