Toriko OT Of eating and cutting things up with your for and knife
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Hi Crunchy Roll . I noticed there is no thread to discuss the best Shonen around Toriko. This thread is the thread to ask questions or just reply about the show or manga. If you talk about the manga please post spoilers. For you who don't know no it is not on CN but it is worth the watch. It is currently on Hulu and updates weekly with new episodes.

Toriko is a battle shonen with a twist. It's about food!. The concept sounds dumb at first but you will change you'r mind after watching it. It follows Toriko one of the four heavenly kings including Zebra, Sunny, and CoCo as they search for tasty foods, look for god, and fight the Gourmet Corp.

I recommend the anime or manga to anyone who likes shows like DBZ, One Piece, or any other shonen fan. I even recommend it to people who don't like shonen.

So try it out and respond to the thread.
Here's a link to the newest opening
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