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Post Reply who do u lke 2 become kira gf
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26 / inside a dungeon!...
Posted 9/24/08 , edited 9/24/08
of course lacus! they're perfect together, aren't they? x3
awh, what a kawaii kira's snowman!
Posted 2/20/09 , edited 2/21/09

But why is flay,cagali,luna,meyrin in the choices.

1. Flay is a bitch
2. k and c are bro and sis
3. the hawke sisters are apart.
4. and meer would possibly STEAL kira from lacus if she was alive!

the hawke sis would maybe want to steal kira in secret so i go with lacus
Posted 3/7/09 , edited 3/8/09

azuraknight wrote:

oh agree whit u DYxForever hehehehehe

r u opposing KxL?! Cagalli was meant 4 athrun! If u do oppose, then i will summon Virtue and Kyrios to come give u a beating for opposing KxL!
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Posted 3/25/09 , edited 3/25/09
Lacus Clyne
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