Plot and Factions.
Posted 5/11/13 , edited 5/16/13
It is the year 2013, 2 years ago the Holy Grail shown evidence of attempting to appear in the world, within a week several magus had already gained command seals, given to them by the grail. However, little is known about the actual grail other than the legend, and the religion built around it. It is a powerful grail that fills with power of divine nature, resulting from the battling of servants, and magus. The grail demands the mana and death of servants, however once it is filled it will over flow releasing its power into the world, by then only one magus will be left standing in the war, and he will claim the power of the grail, the power which is said to grant any wish you're heart desires.

However it seems this holy grail war wouldn't be like one small ones held in the past, among a select of mages... no so has magic grown, with it too has the grail. It now demands more power than ever, untold number of mages have been pulled into the grail's grip and become summoners of the servants, a lot of these people among the two power houses in the world.

The Sakura house of Asia, and the William's house of Europe. These two have relentlessly been trying to obtain the grail for themselves. With the mage's numbers only growing over the past two years, its evident that the grail's waking will be greater than any other waking ever in history. It will change the world as we know it forever.

(Basic plot, allowing the support. For more info on the factions, check below.)

Red Roses:

Work in progress.

White roses

The Blackened.

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