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Posted 5/12/13 , edited 5/13/13


Thank you NarutoXKyubii for suggesting this. In helping RyanGirl, we ask what you want to ask - any questions or concerns you want answered? Let us know! We can't improve without your help...
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Posted 5/13/13 , edited 5/14/13
yesterday, the HP system went into effect, and i was confused with all the changes that were going on, so I asked RyanGirl a few questions regarding it. below is our conversation (excluding the one in the group guestbook)

1. are status effects allowed? if yes, which ones are allowed or are all of them allowed?
- Yes, somehow I'll find a better way of explaining it in the main forums, I think status effects would be effective in RPing. Yes, all of them are allowed - it'd be weird to only do some.

2. are passive abilities allowed?
- Hmmm yeah why not?

3. is it okay to make a defensive ability that completely nullifies the opponents attacks?
- Also yes, I think that would be effective and challenging to some and I always like observing what they do next.

4. If i have a defensive ability, do i type it as DP instead of AP?
- That sounds better, go ahead and DP it (lol)

5. last question .... is okay for characters to be immune to some abilities and/or attacks dues to their physiology,biology, experiences and/or personality, but their immunities aren't a part of their abilities? like character A isn't affect by illusions of his friends dying because he never cared for them, character B is immune to light attack because his body build or character C isn't affected be shallow attacks because he's wearing armor (y'know stuff like that)
- Yes, go ahead on that as well

hope that helped ^^
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