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Need a little healing or recover? Welcome to the Healing Site (also the REINCARNATION site) - come here if your HP is getting low, post your current HP level and one of the nurses will heal you up (you have to wait for one of them to approve your "full health" before you can return to the RPing sites in full health (but it shouldn't take long).

Try to ask nicely too - the nurses are short-tempered so they may only heal you 5% of what you really need - or they may even kill you and then you'll have to be revived...
so Example:
"Hello! I need urgent help please!!" - nurse: Okay Dokay! *heals up* TADA! [GOOD]
"Heal me now! God Damn it!" - nurse: *stabs you with syringe* Death... [BAD]

If your nice - they may even give you a Power-UP!

If your here to be revived (died in battle much?) - not to worry the nurses will reincarnate you (and you may even receive an extra bonus if you do so). So you can go into battle again!

So without further ado meet Angel Nurse Kojima and Demon Nurse Chen

ALSO: NO FIGHTING ALLOWED - the nurses are at a truce with one another and might kill you for disrupting that peace...
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