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LIST YOUR FAVORITE COMCIS!!! Tell us why you like them!
I'll get the ball rolling cause this is one of my favorite sugjects.
Highly recommended stories that folks ought to look into, and possibly some of the more overlooked mangas/comics.

Blade of the Immortal

Written as a historic fiction. The story of a young girl who had her family murderd by another Dojo takes a vow to get revenge. She hires a bodyguard known as "The 100 man killer". Together they set out to find the man that lead the attack on her family.
Along the way they run into one crazy villain after another. Heavy violence and blood shed if your into those things.

Personally, for me this was one of the best reads I've ever been into. I enjoyed Naruto and such, but this in my opinion tops it easily. If your looking for a good samuri, assassian, fighter story. Then it don't get much better then this. The characters grow on you and you just have to read the next chapter to find out what fates hold on both the hero's and villains. Every character you meet has their own personal fighting style, and character traits. I just can't get enough of it.

Anyways in my opinion its a 9/10 read. Check it out!


A horror manga that takes place in the very near future. The world has begun to run short on food and science has turned us to only one solution. Mass produce geneticly modified meat. These man made creatures that are used for "fresh meat" eat any and all materials or substances. (except rocks or metal). Right off the bat at the beginning of the story an earth quake errupts destroying the holding bays that contain these critters and they flood out into the public. They begin to reproduce at extremly high rates and slowly tear the city apart. Will it stop there?

Ok... I admit that this one was pretty interesting. Took a lot of courage for me to get through some of the horrifying imagery that was used in this story but for the most part is was VERY entertaining. Also very Ironic that man's mean to survive by eating these creautres end up being EATEN by the creatures. The 2nd part of the series got me even more then the first. Infact I still get the shivers just thinking about it. Not recommended for the faint hearted. Great story, well drawn, characters that you cheer for and of course MATURE READERS ONLY
And yes I do recommend this ^__^

I give this great story a 7/10


A comic biography by David Small and his personal life as a young boy. We read as he goes through hardships of living with his family, and soon discovers he has cancer in his throat. The docotors take a procedure to have it removed, buy when he awakes. Half the vocal cord in his throat has been removed.

A very sad and touching story that has a pay off at the end. David Small both wrote and drew this comic book and I gotta say it chokes me up in tears every time I read. Kinda reminds me of my mothers past when she was a child.
OH OH! You can check out his webpage

Defiently one of the best comic books I`ve ever purchased, I`ve read it a few times... now that I think about it I ought to read it again XD

I give it 8/10


GAH!! I cant describe how awesome these books are. BUT if you ever find or get a copy of Elephantmen Vol 0, then do so.

It takes place in the distant future, a company known as MAPPO that geneticly creates the perfect weapon/soldiers, by merging humans with african beasts. At first it was intended to sell to the highest bidder, but the owner of the company decides to take them for himself and rule the world under his command. With the elephantmen, they wipe out almost all of humanity. There is no stoping them. With their intellegence of warfare, heavy equipped weaponry, and brute strength there seemed to be no hope. Until one lone french female found a way to fight back at them. And with the bloodlust riled up in her, she turns to make them fear her name. Yvette.

An amazing read!! Strikes true to the horrors of war. The artwork is top notch and incredible full of detailed colors. Another comic that I`ve added to my collection on the shelf. Shared this one with a friend of mine and he said that it was much better then he ever expected.
Check it out sometime or at least look into it :D

For its originallity, artwork, storyline and well devolped characters I give this comic book 10/10

.....I`ll upload more comic options later. Gotta jet back to work before the boss catches me XD lolololol
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Posted 5/16/13 , edited 7/3/13

One of many cities that float in the sky, Meridian. A young girl loses her father and is plotted against by her uncle who is filled with greed for power.
Her family blood line are granted the power of the Sigil, which she later discovers how to harness and heal all things around her. She then bands together with a group of rebals to retake back their homes from the clutches of her Uncle.

In this short series it is a world of floating islands and flying sailboats. The storie shows incredible visuals, and great emotion from every character. It was a series that I wish I had a copy to add to my collection, and definetly one that I've always dreamed of being made into a movie trilogy.
Meridian is a recommendation to all fantasy/adventure readers. The villains that are encountered strive you to hunger for more epic battles.
Loved this one!!!

I give this series a 7.5/10


Set in a medieval fantasy world, a boy named Guts joins a group of Mercenary soldiers to fight the wars of others. As the story progresses we see both good and dark disturbing sides of human nature. Later in the series after becoming betrayed by his closest friend, he sets out into a darkend to take revenge on the one who took everything dear from him.
On his journey he encounters demons, dark spirits, twisted beasts and other evils that have infested the world.

Allrighty, I'll admit this was one of my first manga reads that I've ever gotten into, and I STILL can't put it down!! INCREDBILE detail, heavy gore and horrors of all sorts!
Recommend this one to MATURE READERS ONLY!! It is still an on going series that Dark Horse comics have been keeping a lid on tight to avoid loosing too much money loss.
Regardless, I hope they find more fans for this series, cause there isn't enough!!

Give this series a 10/10
Yes, it is THAT good. ^__^


1614, Two ninja clans battle to the death to determine who's grandson will be become the next Shogun. 10 Elite ninjas are choosen from each side, and unleash a centureies-old hatred for each other. Only one clan will stand above the other.

Hehehe, ok ok. You may all be thinking of a general theme of taste that I may be driving at, but what can I say? I'm hooked into these kind of stories. Another great adventure/action/rommance based Manga that I recommend to mature readers again.
In a way the idea of each ninja with their own special technique sort of reminds me of the infamous Naruto series, BUT!!! This one is much darker and far more unique in a way.
Awesome characters! Great story. Perfect rommance.

I give this completed series a 7/10
I know you will all enjoy this if you haven't yet. It's a completed series and not dragged out too long.
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