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This is the E V E N T Calendar - where current and upcoming events will take place.

What are Events?

EVENTS ARE - different scenarios that will take place within the current RP forums (right now there's four different ones), the events will have a MAIN OBJECTIVE which may range from beating the Main Boss, Mid-Boss, Get an item, or protect someone through a series of events that may cause you to lose HP.

Why do these EVENTS?
At the end of these events (depending on the objective) is great R E W A R D S ! ! ! - like Power-UPs which include extended HP, a new ability slot, AP (Attack Power) increase to your weapon or one of your abilities, a STAT bonus (Defense, Speed, Evasive), or even the option to gain a new weapon (!?).

How the EVENTS work?
Simply put you can join the events at any time, once you enter an event though you cannot leave and go to the Healing Sites to heal up your HP - once you enter make sure your HP is full, THE HP YOU ENTER WITH - YOUR STUCK WITH - That being said if you have a healer nearby - stay clear of the action and have that healer HEAL YOUR ASS if your HP gets to 0 then YOU DEAD but not to worry, now's the time to go to the REINCARNATION site where the nurses will revive you ~ ~ at that time you can return to your comrades in battle.

How long are these EVENTS?
Well it'll start out in levels. When you enter the Event you'll enter Floor 1 - and say the main boss is on Floor 10. Depending on the rules - it may take 10 forum posts to reach Floor 2. We want to make these Events as long as possible.

Isn't that kind of long? What if I get bored with these EVENTS?
Well I've considered that, during the events there will be "checkpoints" and enemies along you way you have to beat - you might even pick up some random rewards on the way there. Also it could be a rare and good opportunity to make allies.

Any other rules during these EVENTS?
1. When you get reincarnated you don't have to start over at Floor 1, you can continue to whatever Floor is currently the highest - the same if your just entering the EVENT, you can start on whatever floor is the highest.
2. NO killing your fellow comrades - you'll lose HP and AP if you do so, if continuation of it happens you'll be banned from the EVENT
3. Don't post multiple times in a row - wait for some others to post
4. EVENTS may differ from a tough angel/demon enemy attacking the HEAVEN/HELL points - or an event where the two sides have to fight one another.
5. Have Fun and go ahead a cuss - I really don't give a shit. <-- (see what I did there)


Enemy ranking will be judged between different classes which range from Rank D enemies to Rank S enemies, D being the lowest attack enemy while S being the highest level.

Rank D - 50-100
Rank C - 101-300
Rank B - 301-500
Rank A - 501-1000
Rank S - 1001 and UP


During these events you will be given "Options" throughout your journey - example: Enemies are swarming in through all sides, they came in large group of numbers will you: {choose either ONE: retreat to higher ground or TWO: attack them head on} - they wont appear all the time but whoever posts after these OPTION posts has to choose one - YOU CANNOT create your own option. Then continue your story from there. Whoever gets to this option first will gain a temporarily STAT bonus or HP bonus (only valid through event).


Sometimes you don't want to go with the flow - well your group CAN SPLIT UP! I don't care, go for it - find your own way there, help each other out or completely ignore one another (although advised to work together during the MAIN boss battle), Just follow the same rules, if you do venture off alone then be advised you cannot skip to Floor Levels (EXAMPLE: One group is on Level 8 but you have decided to do your own thing but are stuck on Level 3 YOU CANNOT SKIP AHEAD TO LEVELS IF YOUR SEPERATED, you have to take the same amount of posts to reach the next level) Make sense???

if you have any question please ask them in the Q&A forum Here

Current/Upcoming/Future E V E N T S


A N G E L Events ~ Underway
ATTENTION! A powerful demon known as The Blue Fire Demon Doll has been sighted in a new (RP) site known as the Skyrim Mountains, she has set the entire mountain top on fire and has reeked havoc on the poor angels that have gone to take her on.

Objective: Kill the Blue Fire Demon Doll
Rewards: (FOR ALL) A new RP site (for both Angels and Demons), (FOR THOSE WHO PARTICIPATED) 7+ HP Bonus (FOR WHO DEFEATS THE DEMON)20+ HP reward, 5+ STAT bonus (of your choice)

Click Here to Join the Event

D E M O N Events ~ Underway
ATTENTION! A powerful Angel has infiltrated the HEAVEN's Capital, she is known as The Wedding Scythed Angel Egin and he dreams of an angel marriage has ended in shambles when her groom-to-be is murdered by demons, now going against the orders of her superiors this Angel Raging Bride will kill all demons if she can help it.

Objective: Kill the Wedding Scythed Angel Egin
Rewards: (FOR THOSE WHO PARTICIPATED) +7 HP Bonus (FOR WHO DEFEATS THE ANGEL)20+ HP reward, 5+ STAT bonus (of your choice)

Click Here to Join the Event

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