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Posted 6/17/13 , edited 6/21/13

Main Character
*Name - Sapphire Seijuro
*Gender - Male
*HP - [200]
*Age - 17 Immortal
*Race - Spirit
*Clan - Red Cliffs
*Element - Light
*Occupation - Undercover Task Force
*Rank - Alexithymian
*Personality - Random, sincere, decisive, and independent
*Bio - No one knows of him. His name, where he's from, why he's here. He doesn't even work as a team or cooperates with his clan. Red Cliff's leader is the only one who knows his face, but was never given a name himself. He's always worked behind the scenes keeping a close eye on things waiting for the right moment to solve things out.
*Weapons - Platinum Whip AP [10]
*Abilities - Manipulation Of Electricity ; Enhanced Athleticism (speed, strength, etc. is highly above average)
NPC Form
*Name - Kirino Ouma
*Gender - Female
*HP - [150]
*Age - 16 Immortal
*Race - Stargazer
*Element - Fire
*Occupation - Undercover Task Force Assistant
*Rank - Alexithymian
*Personality - Playful, mature, decisive, honest, and caring
*Weapon - Mini Sniper Rifle AP [10]
*Abilities - Decent Manipulation Of Fire ; Cham's Eye (Allows her to see from distances and through dense objects)
*Other - Hooked up microphone with Sapphire so communication is 24/7

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M / Following random...
Posted 6/18/13 , edited 6/18/13
(dude, your main character's supposed to only have 200 HP to start with, not 250)
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Posted 12/11/13 , edited 12/11/13
Main Character Form
Name: Token Wolfmage
Gender: male
HP: [200]
Age: 16
Species: chimera(wolf)

Clan: The Red Cliffs
Element: Fire
Occupation: Lone Wolf/ Pack Alpha(can call two wolves to assist)
Rank: Noble


Personality: easygoing and friendly, its hard to gain his trust but once attained, its nearly unbreakable, an impulsive genius, quick to anger, and always looking for a reason to isolate himself from others, prefers solitude, being with his wolves, or his friends to other company. he helps anyone in need but stays wary, looking for a sign of betrayal.

Bio: once a lone wolf, Token was merged with a child human in an unspeakable secret experiment by a demonic alchemist wanting a servant. He has wandered the world for hundreds of years, wondering what his purpose was after the death of the one who changed him. his human counterpart makes sure he's never alone in his head and helps him understand things that would otherwise stupefy him, otherwise its a constant battle between the two for supremacy unless he fights, during which they are in complete harmony. at first glance, it would appear Token wouldn't fit with the red cliffs because he is violent, but his human and wolf part both had an affinity for fire since they were both young. he is also caring and extremely defensive of the few friends he makes because the only other people he knows are wolves. the human-wolf fusion caused him to age more slowly than everyone else so in actuality, he looks around 16 which he claims is his real age. When he awoke in alexithymia, he thought he was in a dream because he saw the staff and ax from his visions of the future. he craves solitude because he doesn't understand this world, but the wolf in him wants to hunt and calls for the blood of his enemies often enough for Token to crave solitude.

Weapons: Token believed in defending oneself at all times, as such he always carried a weapon he knew how to use instinctively. here are his chosen few:
Twin axes: they never dull and were made for chopping down trees or beheading, whichever the situation calls for, he wants to upgrade them but isn't quite sure how. [8 AP] each
Staff of Transformation: not necessarily an attacking weapon, but it can give him wings (lasts for three turns), or make him and his weapons grow to twice their normal size doubling the attack or defense of anything he uses (lasts four turns), and can change into a wicked long-sword. long-sword form [15 AP]
Dozens of kunais: small throwing knives resembling darts, he learned how to make them from a ninja who tried to kill him with some. he has them stashed all over his body and so they serve as a mall layer of defense. kunai armor [5 DP] kunai [2 AP] each.
Heavy clothes: he likes the solidarity of thick cloth and wears it layered [15 DP]
Alpha's call: Token's wolf form was a lone alpha, so he can call two wolves to assist and defend him until he dies, they die, or they are dismissed. (lasts five turns max, wolf [20 HP] apiece) one turn cool down
Flaming vortex: Token calls his element to surround the field in a swirling vortex of flames damaging to all and healing token in the process. (lasts two turns) [10 AP], heals [5 HP] as he uses it, four turn cool down. it can also block physical and ranged attacks
Master of fire: creates a flaming servant from surrounding material, (lasts two turns, servant [25 HP] [10 AP]) he needs protection as it takes two turns to create the flaming servant.
Flaming fists: his hands catch fire giving him +[5 AP] for one turn and allow him to throw fire balls (lasts three turns)
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Posted 9/2/18 , edited 9/2/18
Name: beheadeDragon
Gender: unidentified
HP: [187]
Age: 27

Species: chimera
Clan: Alexithymias
Element: bio
Occupation: Traveler.
Rank: Alexithymian

weapon (for secretary the mechanics or blacked out with black) :

Personality: beheadeDragon has alexithymia and just tries to find ways to control his own body evlovement and create his own machinery.

Bio: everyday he wished for a way to make this happen and one day he woke up in Alexithymia.

Slash ~ Slash attack with his meat reaper (takes 2 turns). [10 APfirst turn and 20 AP second]
drwa blood ~ enrages him with greed for blood +5 AP for the next 2 turns
Cell Merge ~ Heals itself for 17 HP but makes him weak (-3 AP for 1 turn).

NPC Form

Name: Snake
Gender: Male
HP: [120]
Age: 3

Species: Snake.
Element: Poison.
Occupation: Pet.
Rank: Wild.

Transfusion ~ -1 HP but gives +1 AP to beheadeDragon and 3 HP for 3 turns
Poison - 5 AP for 4 turns.
Ride - beheadeDragon rides Snake and can go on walls (5 seconds) and trees (no limit).
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