Posted 5/13/13 , edited 6/3/13

Role Play Rules

- God-modding, Powerplay and 'Trolling' is prohibited.
- You may commence Roleplay once your character is Approved by one of our staff.
- PG13, if you must go above the 18+. The Inbox is there for that.
- Swearing in Roleplay is acceptable, do not abuse it.
- Your character cannot have a 100% knowledge of the other character, since it is the first time they have met. (Unless they have already met in the 'past')
- Killing one's character is unaccepted without approval of the second party. I will kill your character if that ever happens.
- Use proper grammar. If you don't know how to spell a word, it's fine. Don't start using 'texting'.
- Roleplay must be in 'narration' form.


Group/Guestbook Rules

- Limit your swearing.
- No fighting, I'll ban you both.
- No spamming on the wall, please... You can ask for RP, but don't abuse.
- Discuss of whatever you want, keep it PG13.
- Be friendly.

If we ever catch you breaking ANY of these rules, you will receive ONE warning.
After that, if you break a rule ANOTHER time.

Human race: "5URV1V0R5"
Hybrids: "D3N13D"
Alchemists: "D3N13D5URV1V0R5"
Angels: "H3LP?"
Demons: "3N3MY"
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