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General Rules

If you have any questions - please ask them in the Q&A form.
Go ahead and cuss in the forums - I cuss all the time - I honestly don't care!
One character CAN RP in different RP sites at a time, during an EVENT its highly advised to just focus on that EVENT RP only, if you want RP in a different RP site - just let the current RP know, "[to (name of place)]." That sort of thing.

Main Event/Storyline RP Guide

There are rewards at the end of the tunnel - participate and you'll SHALL RECIEVE ^^
How it works
- There is an objective (either protect someone, defeat the boss, etc.)
- The "Main Event" of the event takes place at a checkpoint - it'll take a certain amount of posts to reach each checkpoint (so if the main event is on LEVEL 7 and if it takes 5 posts to reach the next level = it'll take 35 posts overall to reach where the Main Event is)
- All enemies are played by the creator (Ding Ding Me) ~
All enemies are shown how strong they are by rank:

Rank F [1 HP-50]
Rank D [51-100 HP]
Rank C [101-500 HP]
Rank B [501-1000 HP]
Rank A [1000-5000 HP]
Rank S [5001 and UP HP]

- You HAVE to list your HP at all time (no cheating) like so : [200 HP]
- When you "attack" someone/thing, make sure you write how much your AP is in your attack: (Example: Hitting her with my Sonic Scream attack! It hit her dead-on. Alexis -30 HP)
- You cannot heal yourself unless you have someone with a healing ability in your group, your HP goes back to normal when you leave an RP - THIS IS NOT SO FOR AN EVENT - your stuck with the HP you started out with, once you enter an event you cannot leave to go heal, if your HP gets to "0" you can be reincarnated at the Healing Sites ~ and then you can go back to your fellow comrades.

For now, there is a limit of four character creations allowed.
No negative or mean comments

If you find any post, in which breaks a group rule. Please report it to either me or the mods.

Roleplaying Guide

Spell out your words, have decent grammar, and write in narrative form.
Try to write long replies. If there's only one line, the roleplay will end fast.
No killing fellow teammates, you will be banned from the RP site for a short time.
List your HP at the bottom so others know what you are currently: [200] like that.

FAQ (kinda)

Are status effects allowed? if yes, which ones are allowed or are all of them allowed?
- Yes, all status effects are allowed - it is up to you to have your abilities have status effects (example: Lighting attack may cause parallelization 4/5 times) - also please note how long status effects last (one post, two post).

Is it okay to make a defensive ability that completely nullifies the opponents attacks?
- Yes, but please be descriptive when explaining this in your ability section of your Character Creation.

If I have a defensive ability, do i type it as DP instead of AP?
- Yes.

The HP System

Your HP can be modified if you participate in EVENTS (coming soon), defeating a "boss" (or whatever) will reward you with more HP or more Strength/Attack (that sort of thing).
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