So crunchyroll why not sub op and ed songs as well?

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Posted 5/14/13 , edited 5/14/13
I'm a paying member...but lately i been getting annoyed with what crunchyroll and their services.
The only thing I see as useful is i guess the HD and the roku tv streaming is alright.

but as far as watching all these animes and more online for free. They're alright quality but they also have the subbing for the songs. Because of crunchyroll tech problems or whatever excuse they give about why attack on titans was delay, I couldn't wait. I ended up on a site that had the show up already, Sure it was fan sub and it was a little off from crunchyroll. I love the op song! even more so when I was reading the lyrics and thinking this is even more awesome song is.

there's another songs too but i think right now i'm more venting about not getting the full effect from anime show i'm really loving.
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Posted 5/14/13 , edited 5/14/13

This involves getting the rights to the songs that are used as opening and endings for each show on the site.

So not only when licensing new simulcasts would we be going after the show but also the opening and ending songs.

A lot of bands are reluctant to let their songs be licensed as this means that the translation presented is -THE- official translation of the song.
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Posted 5/14/13 , edited 5/14/13

otakucutie wrote:

Well, there was this from a previous thread:

Bjaker wrote:

Don't know about fansubs...
But for CR Titles this would mean that we have to get the rights to translate the opening and ending songs as well.
This is why they tend to be translated on catalogue titles, but not on simulcasts.


So, it would seem that CR doesn't have the rights to translate the OP/ED songs all the time. Especially on hot off the press simulcasts such as Attack On Titan. Might be a license by license deal.

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