Spent Childhood in Korea, Thinking of visiting japan
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I am American Korean. I was born in South Korea and lived there until 5. That's when my immigration thingy is passed and I move to the states with my dad.

Mom and Grandma soon followed after. Graduation day is coming nice and fast. My vacation will be spent in japan. I want to know what it's like there. I watch a lot of anime and I know korea is known to be a gaming/media/social culture. Music and what not.

I see jp commercials and they weird me out. I don't know if I will enjoy my time there?

What do you guys think? Worth going for a new sensation?

Sorry, english not the best.
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Posted 5/14/13 , edited 5/15/13
If you have the opportunity then take it! Many people want to go see other countries but never get the opportunity because of financial problems/time.
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Wouldn't it be better to go back to your birth place? I mean staying in a place since you were 5 doesn't tell you (yourself) about your own culture.

I think everyone has a duty to know his or her own culture before exploring others.

Unless you know your own heritage then by all means go for it.
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I know my own culture good enough. I came to america, but we never left our culture behind. We still eat korean food. By that I mean authentic korean food and we still celebrate all kinds of holidays that are in korea.

We basically follow the korean timeline in america. Friends call me weird.
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