Post Reply Green day is kinda punk rock, ... Tell me what kinda singers of punkrock ya like!!!
Posted 1/25/08 , edited 1/25/08
yaaa!!! it's not a tough question!!! There are endless korean/Japanese bands who are sooooo cute and who sing punkrock. sooo cuutee!!!^^ I personaly liiiike iss CRYING NUT!!!! yaaaa sooo funny!!! lol But afcorse it's a bit indie-rock!!! You have to listen this; Crying Nut - grasshopper!!! yaa kawaii!!
If you know any or any recommend ,tell please!!
Also If you have an opinion about this, just leave a comment!!! ^_^
Posted 1/23/15 , edited 1/24/15
hollywood undead is awesome but could never beat green day
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