Studio Ghibli on Amazon Gold Box Deal Today
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Posted 5/17/13 , edited 5/17/13
Sorry if this is not an appropriate thread for this forum, but I just saw that Amazon has a bunch of Studio Ghibli movies as their Gold Box Deal of the Day today and thought I'd share. I'm pretty sure they've never done an anime Gold Box before and the prices are really good (Princess Mononoke DVD for under $10!!):

I got the Whispers of the Heart and Arietty blu-rays~~ (since I already own all the classics on DVD).

Wish they had a Princess Mononoke & Spirited Away blu-ray...
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Posted 8/23/13 , edited 8/23/13
No need to keep this thread around--Gold Box deals are very limited-time offers, and there's no discussion here.

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