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Posted 5/17/13 , edited 6/4/13

BeingHuman n vampireDiaries rp group - Remember the name
The originnals - Run this town
Ben and Sarah's complicated friend/relationship
Sarah starting to slowly forgive her father Klaus for killing her and her unborn children
Kelly and Sarah helping each other coping with Jeremy's death and Sarah's miscariage
Kelly and Sarah's bond as cousins and their friendship
Klaus & Sarah building there father daughter realationship
Klaus and Scarlett singing this song together showing how much they care for each other
Scarlett & Sarah's sisterlybond
BeingHuman n vampireDiaries rp group - we own it
Ben & Sarah - liar

Sarah and Damon coping with her illness before Klaus turned her
Sarah dying and Damon and her dealing with losing the twins and Sarah turning into a vampire
Sarah and Damon on their wedding
Sarah being arrested after shoplifting
Sarah coping with the death of her twins and singing a song about it
Even though Damon's quiet a troublemaker sometimes, he and Sarah always love each other
Damon being shoot by scott on his wedding day
Sarah can be a totall bitch sometimes
Sarah and Damon - give me a reason
Sarah's depression when she lost the twins

Jeremy dealing with becoming a hunter
Kelly's song for Jeremy
Kelly coping with Jeremy's death
Kelly and Jeremy fate always seems to be trying to tare them apart
Kelly griefing over Jeremy's death
Kelly not wanting to get over Jeremy when he died
How Jenna helps Kelly get through Jeremy's death
Kelly and Jeremy all they wanted was just somebody to love

Stefan and his ex girlfriends
Stefan thinking about how painfull his life was before he meet Molly
Stefan and Damon and their brotherly bond
Molly anbout her sad life before she meet Stefan
Molly going throughout her pregnancy
Molly and Stefan and their life together

Kol and Ashley promising themself to always be there for each other
Kol doing everything that it takes to keep Sillas from his family
Kol's song to Ashley
Ashley's song to Kol
Ashley and kol lovesong baby
Ashley & Kol - Drive by
Ashley - this girl is on fire

Klaus doing everything to have his freedom and save his family
Rebecca and Klaus song when they first meet
Klaus writing this song for Rebecca
Rebecca's song to Klaus
Rebecca & Klaus do know that they'll always have each other
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