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Post Reply Captchas in guestbooks?!?!?!
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Posted 5/29/13 , edited 5/29/13
Captchas come and go, they appear usually around the 20 - 100 ongoing gb post mark. The best method to getting rid of them is just stop posting in gb's for a while. They will eventually stop coming up after a certain amount of inactivity has arrived in said area.

Also, the reason why most user may not get them is because they tend to avoid posting in gb's, pm's, and ect a whole bunch of times. The captchas never appear in forum postings, at least for me and alot of users I know of here, who are now inactive as of this post. But, either or: this is your answer about "Whats going on?" in your gb postings. Just do not talk alot in gb in one day, spread it out between hours, or 30 minutes per gb post. This is the reason why alot of groups are made, the captchas are a pain to deal with after a certain amount of consist gb post arrives.

Btw: this is coming from a user with "8344" gb posts as of the time in posting this.
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