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Posted 5/18/13 , edited 5/19/13
I was considering subscribing to Crunchyroll, but encountered a problem that's pretty much a dealbreaker. I tend to watch anime with a friend of mine, who is visually impaired. He can see, but he has to sit really close to the TV and can't read really small font. We both hate dubs. In the past, I've downloaded fansubs (mkv with softsubs) and adjusted the font so he can read the text easily. Apparently Crunchyroll streams don't offer such a feature. We trialed Crunchyroll streams for a day, and reading the subs was very difficult for him. In addition, some shows like Ore no Imouto S2 used a special font that he couldn't read at all.

Does Crunchyroll have any plans to implement soft subs with adjustable font?
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Posted 5/22/13 , edited 5/22/13

I'll pass this along to the development team!
Please feel free to use the Suggestions thread if you have any other feedback for us!
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